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As Promised

Hey...back off man, Wednesday's not officially over until I go to bed and then wake back up.
But enough of that.

And so it begins. The day of half-priced thrifty goodness. The parking lot lights shining like the twin suns over Tatooine...almost like they're calling me home.

The first thing I was greeted by was this Saks 5th Ave. Hoodie. Rumor has it all the high society ho's are wearing them. This one was a steal at $2.99. I hear in the actual store they're going for $75. That's real embroidery,yo.

I always look for one thing that sets the tone of the trip...and this, my friends, is it. The Walk Of Shame Wendy Doll. After a hearty night of partying at Tappa Kegga Bru, Wendy can't find any of her clothes and is forced to borrow a t-shirt from the frat-boy she hooked up with. Ahh. Good times, good times. Sure...the Seuss estate waits 20 years to sell the live action movie rights, but the game comes out right on time. BTW, from what I hear, both the movie and the game …