Happy Almost New Year

I said that I might go thrifting whilst on vacation (I didn't). But we did go when I got home (I didn't have my camera with me). So, basically there are no photos at present for your thrift-store-jones. I may or may not go tomorrow. If the nyQuil doesn't do it's thing tonight, I probably won't do mine tomorrow. And there you have that.

I am also not going to drop my best and worst of 2006 bs on you in this last post of the year. There's no need. My best and worst won't be anywhere close to yours (but let's just say George Bush, Transformers, Bob Seger, Britney Spears and Digital Juice would be somewhere on those lists if I were to make them). Speaking of Britney, sorry for those of you that saw the banner ad for pix of her sans underthingies. I have no earthly idea what Google AdSense was thinking or what kind of crack they were smoking (and if its up there again, I can only assume the crack was good enough for them to hit it twice).

Speaking of good crack. Darrin and I hit up another podcast today. This time it was Pac-Man Fever under the knife. You should go check it out if you don't mind giving up an hour of your life that you can't get back...ever.

I have to say at this point, the podcasts are pretty much for our amusement. If anyone else is coming along for the ride, they're being awfully hush-hush about it. And that's cool. I have the server space and between us, Darrin and I have enough vinyl to be doing this well into our twilight years. If we can still get needles for the turntables then.

Here's a quick peek at the newly remodeled studio home of TwistedZen productions (I had to condense and make room for things after we got the foosball table). And a quick pic of Darrin and my big fat head today as we were doing the podcast.

Peace out and have a happy New Year's y'all (my number one resolution is to post more.....honest!).

Take care and be safe!!

Happy Holidays

OK...so my best laid plans to get a holiday post from the thrift store have gone awry.

Sorry 'bout that.

I've been a bit busy working on the video about the farm. If I haven't talked about that, sorry. I'll fill in details later. I'm not up to getting in to the whole big shmear right now. Things are all packed and we're getting ready to head to Indy to visit some of Nancy's family for a belated Chrsitmas. Should be fun. And who knows-I just might get some out of town thrift action going, we'll see.

Talk to y'all later!


Merry Christmas (pt.2)

This pic is from our company Holiday dinner.

The hats were added later (gotta love pikipimp)

Prize to the person that can tell us what song we were singing.

Merry Christmas y'all! Tomorrow's the company chili cook-off.

Gotta go make some chili, no time for love, Dr. Jones!


Merry Christmas!!!

my pimped pic!

'Tis the Season (for jacked up pix!)

Happy Holidays y'all!!

I don't know if there will be a thrift post before next year or not (hey-I'm just being realistic here). I'll try, but with Christmas looming and the film that I'm working on for my dad, it's not looking likely (unless I take a little trip at lunch today...hmmm...maybe).

I'm also re-arranging the basement a bit to make room for the new foosball table (well, new to us).

That's all I've got for now!

Peace Out!


If You Want to Know What an MCP Looks Like

It's this:

Yes. That's right. I know I started the course back in March. And sure, it wasn't supposed to take 8 months, but with work and everything else, it did.

And now it's done.

I took my MS Windows Server 2003 test today (MS 70-290). And I got an 857/1000 (700 is needed to pass, 900 is considered Mastery).

So you are looking at the (slightly maniacal) picture of a Microsoft Certified Professional.

Only four more courses/tests to go until I get my MCSA (although some are saying I should go for the MCSE, but the MCSA will probably help me more in my current position than the MCSE (systems engineer v. systems administrator...in reality, the course load isn't that much different, it's more of a perception about what each means).

So...yay me!


Stuff and Things

Not sure when the next thrift post will hit as the holidays rapidly approach. I know at some point there will have to be a bad Christmas Sweater/Sweatshirt spectacular, but I'm thinking it won't be this week.

I just took my second out of 3 tests for my Windows 2003 certification (the first 2 tests were given by the place I took the course from, the last is the actual Microsoft test--that's Weds.)

And, in addition to that, I'm teetering on the edge of coming down with something. But I'm downing lots of AirBorne and the various Quils (Da and Ny) which will hopefully keep it in check. Not to mention the video projects I'm working on for my Dad and my friend Dan (which I should mention in the other blog, but I may be just a tad too lazy tonight to do so).

Where was I going with this? Oh yeah. Promises of procrastination.

Or something like that.



Dude. Trying to add masks to video after the fact is tough. Well, let me rephrase that. Trying to add masks to video after the fact using the software that I have is tough.

Let me step back a minute. A mask is a cut out on the screen that something else shows through. It's basically a outline of something that you want something to show through (or cover it).

So...why am I tripping on this? Easy. I filmed Jen singing the theme song for Kingdom Hearts the other day. And after ripping that and posting it here (and on YouTube), I got to thinking how jazzzy it would be if I cut in some footage from the actual video game (the YoubTube is crawling with that stuff). So I got a cool clip and converted it so I could use it in my software. But...there's no way to make it look cool.

OK. That's not entirely true. I COULD....but it would mean going back in to the original footage....go through it and put keyframes in there...and then setup the points for the mask....making sure that at each keyframe the points line up (so it looks seamless and that window that's in the shot is always showing the KH footage.

And that's not out of the realm of possibility.

But it might be tonight. I'm not sure yet.

We'll see.

I'll keep you posted as I'm sure you're all waiting by your PCs anxiously.


Simple and Clean

My daugther rocks. Plain and simple. Or simple and clean, actually.

Last night they had a school event at Barnes and Noble (one of their teachers had a book signing) and they had auditions to pick people to perform there.

Jen was one of the ones picked.

I took some video of it.

Here's the raw footage:

If you're having trouble with it, here's the link on YouTube.

The sound system kind of sucked, but her singing was top notch!!

I have plans to do some editing on this and make it a little more like a music video. :-)

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