Happy Almost New Year

I said that I might go thrifting whilst on vacation (I didn't). But we did go when I got home (I didn't have my camera with me). So, basically there are no photos at present for your thrift-store-jones. I may or may not go tomorrow. If the nyQuil doesn't do it's thing tonight, I probably won't do mine tomorrow. And there you have that.

I am also not going to drop my best and worst of 2006 bs on you in this last post of the year. There's no need. My best and worst won't be anywhere close to yours (but let's just say George Bush, Transformers, Bob Seger, Britney Spears and Digital Juice would be somewhere on those lists if I were to make them). Speaking of Britney, sorry for those of you that saw the banner ad for pix of her sans underthingies. I have no earthly idea what Google AdSense was thinking or what kind of crack they were smoking (and if its up there again, I can only assume the crack was good enough for them to hit it twice).

Speaking of good crack. Darrin and I hit up another podcast today. This time it was Pac-Man Fever under the knife. You should go check it out if you don't mind giving up an hour of your life that you can't get back...ever.

I have to say at this point, the podcasts are pretty much for our amusement. If anyone else is coming along for the ride, they're being awfully hush-hush about it. And that's cool. I have the server space and between us, Darrin and I have enough vinyl to be doing this well into our twilight years. If we can still get needles for the turntables then.

Here's a quick peek at the newly remodeled studio home of TwistedZen productions (I had to condense and make room for things after we got the foosball table). And a quick pic of Darrin and my big fat head today as we were doing the podcast.

Peace out and have a happy New Year's y'all (my number one resolution is to post more.....honest!).

Take care and be safe!!

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