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When Is a Thrift Like Not a Thrift

Those of you that regularly peruse the HPT know that the last Wednesday of every month is 1/2 off day at the local thriftMecca. Astute readers will observe that that was yesterday. As such, the probability is high that I will have gone in there with my trusty camera and snapped off a few (what I consider to be) hilarious pix along with my witty observations about said pix.

And that was truly my intent. But when the Lord takes away a thrift, He opens a bargain.

Last night the missus says to me (in my response to asking if we were going thrifting), "I was thinking we'd hit Panera and then the Half Price Books...someone at work said it was open."

Well folks, this is great news. See, we just got a Panera in our sleepy little town...and right next to it they are opening a brand spanking new Half Price Books. So, even I could forgo the thrift to hit that up.

Alas, after munching 1/2 of my chicken dijon thingie ma bob and enduring more like likes in one like 15 minute period by lik…