OK...NOW I'll Apologize

Apologize for Blogger taking a dump last night.
I had 50 of the 80 photos uploaded to the site when I got the ole 'cannot communicate with server' message. Which, if you don't know, is the kiss of death with Blogger. That means anything you click on is going to wipe out what you've posted.
SOOOOOO....short story long, I haven't posted the thrift stuff yet.
I won't get to it tonight. Tonight I'm going on another thrift run with my better half and will be finalizing edits on the latest movie project. So...the game plan is to get to it sometime this weekend.
I'm really sorry about that, folks.


Ruth said...

You're nothing but a tease..yes, i said it..a BIG OLD THRIFT TEASE.

there--now you have a rep.

Todd S. said...

A Big Ole Thrift Tease?

I like it.

And yet it makes me feel slightly dirty...kinda like thumbing through all the slightly moldy albums.

I will have it up this weekend...I promise!

Darrin said...

Blogger has been quite goofy lately. So I'll forgive you.... THIS TIME.

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