Thriftamin B-12 with Riboflavin

Good morning campers! I hope you had a great weekend! But before we get too chummy this morning (mostly because I haven't had my morning cola yet), here's the weekly thrift!

Starting off in reverse order (since the pix load in reverse) here's where I ended on the trip last week.

I just have to say that I don't really know why (a)you would need a crepe paper streamer over the door Valentine's Day banner curtain thing (unless you were a kindergarten teacher) or (b)why you would put it in the "showcase" section at the thrift store. But if you have the answers to either of those questions, I think I can hook you up.

Now, it may come as a shock to some of you, but I'm a bit of a geek. And trust me...I have had the 'Han shot first' debate...lots of times. But as geeky as I am, I still had to pass on this gem. It's cool packaging and a great idea...but it's about the single worst movie in the prequilogy.

See, this one just pissed me off. It's called a 'hole in one' hat....but there's no hole in the top. WTF?

How many freakin' flavors of Mike and Ikes are there anyway??

This is for all the people that couldn't find their own ass with a map. Now...if they had a map AND a compass....that could change the whole equation.

And what do you get when merchandising goes too far?

I was a bit sad looking at this. No, there's not really a joke here. I read recently that Kodak is closing it's remaining 8mm film plant. No more super 8 film. And sure, I didn't make my first movie on Super 8, but a lot of the guys I look up to did.

From sad to pissed. I SOOO wanted this tape!! Just look at it! It's like an 80's party to go!

Sure...they don't have my dream mix tape, but they have Micheal Bolton?? Oh cruel fates...why have you put me in this hell?

OK...I'm better now...an album by the Rolling Stones, Beatles, Monkees...and every other 60's pop group. This is a classic album cover...too bad I have no freakin' clue who the group is. It is a mystery. If only someone could help me solve this mystery.

Why...lookie here! The not quite complete adventures of Det. Hardy's boys. Some in the 70's blue hard cover. Others in the mid-80's re-issue covers (please don't ask me how I know that...it has nothing to do with me having a first edition Hardy Boys novel, I swear).

Oh look...more in paper back.

And what's missing? Oh yeah...Nancy Drew.

Here's something that caught my eye. I was thinking of picking this up. I thought it might give me some insight in to some of the sh** my dad went through when he was there.

As soon as I opened the cover up, I knew I had to pick it up. Especially since the author had gone to all the trouble of autographing it for me and all....sixteen years before I even saw it!!

Like we needed the cover story to tell us that??

And now we come to one of my favorite sections of the store. The scary-ass porcelain knick-knack aisle. What scares me the most about this area of the store is that shit actually used to be in somebody's house!!

After losing his golden fiddle to Johnny, the Devil was forced to improvise.

Nothing says "I Love You and want to disembowel you" like the new Serial Killer Select line from Hallmark.

It's the wall of vaporizers. I'm not really sure why I thought this was so funny...but it seemed odd to me that this needed its own endcap.

Now that's just sad....bird with a busted beak. What kind of sadist does that?

Cute or creepy? I'm much too sober to tell at the moment, but I'm leaning toward creepy.

If these don't give you nightmares, nothing will.

And somewhere in the 70's, a den is missing it's main nautical decorations.

You don't know how close I came bringing this home. I think, however, my bosses might get the wrong message.

I think, this must be what it's like to be on crack. Well, I mean that liking this crap might be what it's like to be on crack.

It's surprising to me why the Children of the Corn action figures never really took off. Hmm.

Cirque de Sogay?

OK, speaking of gay...rhinestones on men's black jeans? WTF? The "Sinnistar" medallion on the back really cinched it, though.

Oh....that's just wrong.

Yes, as you can see, we've stepped in to my favoritest part of the store...the t-shirt row. Now, I don't know about you, but I can remember a time when the size listed on the front of the shirt...
was actually the size of the shirt!!

"K-Fed Elmo!"

This just seems tacky to me.

'Too much to drink at a frat party Elmo"

Old Woody, New Woody. The old Woody is missing his hat. The new one, however, has his sewn on.

OK. We have a Woody...with a pull ring. If you were making a toy based on Toy Story...what phrases would you make it say? Sure. You'd make it say "Reach for the sky"..."There's a Snake in my boot"...and last but not least "Somebody's poisoned the water hole!"
Nope. Instead, this one plays 20 different phrases that appeared nowhere in EITHER MOVIE?!?

OK...Kermit..on the discount shelf?? Sad.

2 for a buck. And you know what? at 10 for a buck it's still not worth it.

This is like the opium den for unwinnable carnival prizes.

Ever since Rocky left, Bullwinkle went downhill real fast.

OK. Who wears an orange unitard underneath a royal blue jumper? That's just tacky. Especially when he's clearly a Spring.

Art's Bart's Chewy Tarts. Clearly apostrophe abuse.

Here's what warped my brain....the serving size is 1 container...but there are 24 servings per package??? Ummm...

I didn't know the Village People also had a line of clothes.

OK. I put this up here because I know there are probably Napoleon Dynamite fans out there...but I have to be honest...I didn't get it. And I probably would not have voted for Pedro.

Tee hee.

Now I have a question for you...

But I'm not quite sure what it has to do with Paddle Boats.

This shirt was cool. And I brought it home.

O'Tay. Buttwheat liii piiaaa! Oooo Tay!

I can't imagine why he lost....

Now what could this shirt possibly be selling?
That's right...a garbage disposal.

Sometimes I feel exactly like this.

I have to say that this was quite the day for frat-humor t-shirts.

Whoo hoo! Sk8 or die!

Tee hee. Of course, you'd probably be happier without the nail in the chest!!

TappaKeggaBru! Whoooooooo!

After selling their soul to make the Mike Meyers tour-de-force that was Cat in the Hat, there was no money left to pay Thing 2.

Whoops. Sorry folks, Troy Smith was #10.

Here's something that should have stayed in Vegas.

OK...if you're goal is to attract tweakers to Christ...the last thing you want people on X to have to do is to stop and read something...Dur.

Whooooo! Back to the frat house.

Nothing says "scarey" like a day-glo green shirt. Boo!

Woooo, bra....like totally tubular dude!


This is the best patriotic t-shirt I've seen in my entire life. Seriously. If it had fit me, I'd have it on right now!

Umm. The Columbus Library called...they want their logo back!

Grandma Bessie gave subtle hints as to what she really thought of the trip.

Umm..The Gorillaz called....they want their logo back.

I have to say that I misread this at first. I thought it said "Racial Code." And well, I have to say, that was just in bad taste.

$15 at the restaurant, to do it Hoggy Style...or $.99 here.

There are a few people I'd like to buy this shirt for. But I'm afraid they'd want to stay and talk about it.

This one had me shaking my head. Wonder if the back can offer any insight.

Oh. Well that certainly cleared it up.
And that does it.
I apologize if I'm a bit rusty. I'll try to stick to my resolution of going to the thrift store more often instead of trying to bottle it up all at once like this.
And now I'm off to bed (which may seem weird if you're reading this on Monday...but check the posting date and you'll get it).
Peace out.


Darrin said...

Regarding the mystery album:

J.D. Sumner and the Stamps were a group that were asked to join the Elvis tour in 1971. The group became a regular fixture with Presley until his last concert on June 26th, 1977.

For more info on J.D. Sumner, visit your local Wikipedia.

In other news, I was impressed by the Heck's sticker. We had a Heck's back home that took over the spot that was formerly another discount retail store called O-Mart (which would probably get cackles of laughter now... people would ask if you had bought any 'pleasurable' items at the O-Mart *har* *hardee* *har*). So yeah, we had a Heck's back home and it was nostalgic to see the good ol Heck's sticker. I believe I bought one of my first cassettes at Heck, which would be Def Leppard's 'Pyromania'. It's still a good album in my opinion.

Todd S. said...

Figure you'd know about the mystery band. I just thought it was funny because I can pull at least 3 different albums with bandshots that look exactly like that :-)

There was a Heck's in Louisa, KY that we'd go to when I stayed at my mamaw & papaw's farm.

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