Update on the way!

Promises, Promises...I know. I suck. I said that I was going to post more as a new year's resolution.
Ooops. It would appear that I lied (even though the philospher in me knows that I could technically wait until the end of the year to see if I posted more posts this year than the previous year, but that's not really the point, is it?) You want your thrift..and I want to give it to you. But not as much as I want to be warm and coccoon when it's all cold and shit outside. Sorry. It's the truth.
But...fear not!
This Wedsnesday is the Last Wednesday of the month...and you know what that means.....1/2 Priced Thrifty Goodness!!!
And there WILL be a post...oh yes, there will be a post.
I may or may not have a post up before then (not including this one).
Until then...keep thrifting!

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