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The Thriftpire Strikes Back

Alright, here's the scoop. Today IS half-price day at the OhioThrift. It is also my daughter's choir concert (and she's got solos). So needless to say, there won't be any thrifting tomorrow.

But never fear, I won't leave you hanging. What follows is the other half of the pictures I took last Saturday with the old Kodak DC120. Complete with my witty

So you wanna be a player...but your wheels ain't fly? Hells yeah. Again, if I was oh...a midget, I'd fit in to this shirt. Dammit MTV for only putting out cool shirts in size M.

This is an ugly shirt. No really. Look at the label.

So...I wonder what in the world would lead to this shirt winding up in the thrift store. There has to be some sad story about a conservative getting jaded or suddenly discovering that Al Franken makes a lot of sense. Or it could just be one of those thrift store flukes.
If you think this shirt found its way in to my cart just because it was XXL...and has a kick ass embro…

What's been taking my time

OK. So I know the thrift posts have been sparse the past couple of months. The first time-taker was "My Father's Eyes" (take a peep over at the website for details on what that is).

The second, more recent taker of my time has been the 2 commercials (well, promos really) that I did as a favor for my brother. I was very pleased with the way they turned out.

Read all about them here.

And that's really what's been taking time away from the fun and frivolity of the thrift posts. But not to worry, I have a whole additional set of pix from the last thrift trip and I will be updating them soon.

Not to mention, this Weds is once again 1/2 price Weds. There should be some yummalicious pix from that! :-)

Talk to y'all soon!


Thrift with me, thrift for the year, thrift for the laughter, thrift for the tear you probably have stopped checking the page with anything but a passing interest, I'll save the apology for my lack of posts and just jump right in to this one.

First off, I start with a bit of history. I take you back to 1997. The first digital cameras had just started hitting the market and really were only available to those with large incomes (since they ran around $1000). One of the first of these was the Kodak DC120.

John Henshall has this to say about it in his column"John Henshall's Chip Shop" in "The Photographer" May 1997.:
Kodak's DC120 is just out. It looks similar to the DC50 but in a dark maroon body and costs $1000 (about £670). The camera uses an 850 x 984 pixel CCD to produce a 1280 x 960 pixel file - not far short of the SLR-based DCS410/420 cameras. The file is interpolated by sampling two adjacent rectangular pixels to make three square pixels. Image quality is very good. The camera has a built-in 3-to-1 zoom, equivalent to 38-…