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The World's Best Bologna Sandwich

I know this seems contradictory in many ways.
First of all, let me cleanse your mental palate. I know that many of you are thinking of Oscar Mayer when I say 'bologna.' And you'd be correct. They make bologna (pronounced 'baloney' for those of you outside of Ohio). That's like saying that Yugo makes cars. Yes, they do. But if I tell you that I've just driven the world's best car, you would not think of a Yugo. You'd think of a Ferrari...or an Astin-Martin.

That's what this sandwhich was like. The freakin' Ferrari of bologna sandwiches.

And it's in the most unlikely of places.

Waldo, Ohio.

Go know you want to. I'll wait for it....

Well, since you asked...Waldo is about 30 min. north of my house. There are 2 things that Waldo is known for.....Grohl's Furniture....and G & R Tavern.

Seems that back in 1962 the fine folks at the G&R hit upon the secret to bologna nirvana. And they've been doing it ever since.

They defy the…

Of leaky water mains and pissy pharmacists...and a thrift to close out the night

Yesterday was quite the day. I thought we had a bad water heater, since we had a nice little leak in our utility room. The plumber got there and....takes one look and says "It's not your water heater. I'm afraid you're screwed." I feel so dirty. Paying $55 for a sweaty guy to tell me I'm f**d. Not pleasant. So...the choices were either, tap the concrete myself and using an $8 part to fix it (which is assuming a lot of dexterity on my part with tools that just ain't there) the water company and get the line insurance (Which thankfully we already have, so we didn't have to scam the insurance company-whew)....or pay the plumber guy $13,000 to fix it. Right now we're going with option 2 and gonna see how that pans out.

This is the part of the story where I would normally go into the big rant/retelling of my recent very VERY disturbing customer service experience with my local pharmacy and my insurance company. I've decided I've told th…

Spiritual Breakthrough

Far be it for me to sit here and use this time that I have with you to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Your beliefs are your own as are mine. I'd be more than glad to get into a philosophical discussion about it over a few beers sometime, if you'd like (just give me a ring...Jesus drank wine, why can't we have a brew?).

But, today wasn't really about me. I went down with my mom, my dad and my daughter to Greenup, KY today. The goal of the 6 hour round trip was to witness (and film) my uncle getting baptised and accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal saviour.

Whatever your beliefs, it's hard to deny that there was some kind of spiritual force in the room. It was damn near palpable. And as my uncle was finishing and getting a towel (the bapistry is a big tub thing...), my cousin felt the call and SHE got baptised, too. It was pretty cool.

It was a good day. A day with family and a day of celebrating life.
All in all very cool.

And then it was a day to nap on t…

Keeping it Reel

Tonight was the first of what promises to be nights with my dad.
If any of you remember me from highschool, you'll recall that my relationship with my dad growing up was eh...strained at best.

These days I've come to have a lot more respect for some of the shit he's gone through (and is going through).

So last time I was over at my parents...Easter I think...Dad mentions these reel-to-reel tapes. On one of them is a May 5th, 1970 broadcast of Armed Forces Viet Nam (AFVN) radio (from the Delta to the DMZ). That's the day after the Kent State Shootings. I still haven't found it yet.

One of the few vivid memories I have from a very young age (and there aren't many) are of my dad and older brother trying to coax me to speak in to the microphone. fate would have it, we found that tape tonight (it was actually a tape that I almost chucked because the leading 2 feet were mangled, but Dad said "just cut it" I did....and threaded…

3 Donuts

Well, the last thrift post went off so well....I thought I'd post another.

But I don't have any thrift pix at the moment. So it will have to wait until maybe this weekend when I can get over to the OhioThrift.

(I do have some cool finds from Nancy's grandparents house, but that's a story for another post).

What I will leave you with on this fine Wednesday is a video we threw together this morning.
The premise is simple ....3 donuts for $3. Epic in it's simplicity.