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And Then Came the Last Thrifts of May

As is my way, I string you out for weeks on end, promising of great thrift posts (or at least great in my mind)...and then....blammo.

Some lame ass story about how Blogger ate my homework. Well, no more. Blogger has put this nifty little 'autosave' feature in. So now...after loading the gajillion pix last night I looked up to see that my wireless connection had dropped and....

what d'ya know? All my pix were still there! Woohoo!! Thanks Blogoogle!

So, yesterday was the last Weds of the month and you regular reader(s) know what that means...

Half Price Wednesdays At Ye Ohio Thrifte Shoppe!!!

Which also means that getting a shopping cart was like getting an old lady to cut you a break on bingo night at the senior center.

But that's OK. I wasn't there to shop. I was there to pictate.

The pictures this time are almost in reverse chronological order. And I'm ok with that. And you should be too. Because, usually things strike me funny just as I'm leaving. Unfor…