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A "Lot" of Shite

First of all, I'm posting this on both blogs, so if you're reading it on one, you don't need to rush over to the other to read it (because it should look remarkably the same, if not, I've got bigger problems than my delusions of grandeur to worry about).
Thrift Updates:
There will be one or more soon. I promise. A week from next Weds is the last Wednesday of the month. So, there will be a thrift post no later than than. And, if I can get myself over there, there will be one sooner than that. (Granted, this doesn't really apply to the TZP Blog, but eh, what'cha gonna do?)
There are currently no film projects up on the boards. I'm hoping to shoot a couple of shorts this summer...maybe (finally) edit the footage for the Crapumentary. And of course, there's still about 10-15 hours of family footage that I need to go through, edit, archive and get to DVD. All in all, along with work and life, should be a nice full summer.
Now...on to something that a "Lot" of you have mentioned to me.
And that's The Lot.
The new reality series where up and coming filmmakers fight for a chance to win $1million to shoot their feature film.
And I appreciate the confidence you've all shown in my work to think that I should have submitted an audition reel to get on that show, but it's not my bag.
For a few reasons.
The first is that while you are shooting, they own you. That means that I need to take 4 months off of work (or however long it takes them to shoot the series). That's just not in the cards right now.
Secondly, while you are shooting that show, ANY idea you come up with and put down is theirs. Option or not. You're pretty much under their watch (from what I understand).
Thirdly, a million dollars is a lot in the real world. A million dollar movie budget isn't jack shit in Hollywood. Seriously. You have to use all union people right down to the dude that puts the TP in the porta-john. I don't want to be told who to use on my film and how to shoot it. In short, I want control of the movies I make...right down to the $25 Halogen lights that I get from Big Lots. When I'm ready for Hollywood, they'll know, trust me. It's not going to be a gimmick that gets me in the door. It's going to be my blockfrickin'buster, ya dig? :-)
And to be honest, I know that the reality shows are ALL about editing. Anyone who has watched them knows that. What is going to make people watch the series? The married filmmaker that flirts with the PA? The gay filmmaker that has a crush on the DP? Whether or not those things happen, you could edit the show to imply that they are happening. And that sells the show. Not only that, but at some point, as it's a contest, all the tenets of Game Theory come in to play and you may find yourself in a position that tests (or shatters) your perception of the person you think you are. I'm not quite ready to go through that again in my life. Not yet, anyway.
So, there you have a lot of reasons why I didn't try to get on The Lot.
In other fun news, I'm finally getting to try out the JCPenny Film to Video Transfer box that I got at a thriftstore about 3 years ago. I got a decent 8MM/Super8MM projector from Howard (along with a couple viewer/splicers and a screen) for the low low price of FREE.
And, as it happens a friend from work has some 8MM films that need transferred. I haven't quite dialed it in yet, but I'm getting close. I need to figure out if the final output looks better from that or from filming a screen. I suspect that because of the diffusion of light and the distance to the screen, that it will probably be negligible. Once I get that part of it tweaked, I may post on my website that I can do that kind of transfer. But it takes time and there are other companies out there with pro gear that can beat what I think is a fair price for my time. So I may just limit that work to family and friends for now. And keep that as another resource at my disposal. That and I'd love to get hold of some of those old educational films. Fun stuff.
So there you have it.
If you're in the area this weekend, stop by. We're having a garage sale. I'll have quite a bit of electronics (DVD players, tape decks, speakers, PC pieces parts, 19"monitors, etc) as well as books...a wind trainer for a bike....spare moutain bike tires, board games, stuff like that.
And hey, it was great catching up with ya! Don't be such a stranger next time, mmmkay?


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