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Woody Who??

For those of you (the 4 of you that normally read my blog) that thought yesterday's post about pee pee popsicles was in bad taste, I have 2 things to say to you.

1. It was false. I made some stuff up. I do NOT in fact have a 72 oz. Big Gulp cup at work. The largest fluid vessel I have is 20 oz. (not nearly enough for making a decent batch of popsicles).

2. It was done to cheer up a co-worker. If you have never gone to a customer another state away from your family and run in to less than stellar problems whilst installing or updating software...well..then you just don't know. Is it like fighting insurgents? Don't be stupid. But it can be mentally taxing and sometimes just knowing that your co-workers back in the office thought of you enough to freeze up a fresh batch of peepopsicles is enough to get you through the next next next install.

And sadly, I fear that today's post isn't going to be much better. Whilst I will stay away from the topic of bo…

I'm in HELL!

So....first things first. The last Wednesday of the month is approaching. Which means, there will be a thrift post no later than Thursday (And by Thursday, I mean by Sunday afternoon if I don't have too many beers on Saturday). What follows is the occasional potty humor that occupies my mind. But in my defense, it was done to cheer up a friend who sometimes gets a little down on things. In typical email fashion, you will need to scroll to the bottom and read back up to this point. Enjoy.
From: W--  R-- 
Sent: Wednesday, June 20, 2007 4:21 PM
To: Todd
Subject: RE: I'm in HELL!

I laughed. Thank you. From: Todd
Sent: Wednesday, June 20, 2007 3:59 PM
To: W-- R-- 
Subject: RE: I'm in HELL! Well. there's the problem. I did. And that was BEFORE the puddle. But I couldn't empty the cup faster than I could fill it. So I spilled.And now I'm not really even all that thirsty. And of course no one around HERE has a jellyfish or sea urchin sting. So what the f am I g…

Rosy Festivities

All in all, I'd have to say this was a pretty chilled, laid back weekend. Friday night was the boy's soccer party where we got together with the other kids and parents from his spring outdoor team, most of whom I didn't know since I'd only made it to about 5 of the games. But hey, I'm never one to turn down brats on the grill.

Speaking of that, Saturday brought a graduation party at one of my neighbor's. He graduated college and threw a party complete with 'wedding reception' soundtrack on shuffle. But again, I'm not one to turn down brats...or beer, in this case. And I'm usually not one to turn down barbecue on the big ass BBQ pit either. Unless of course, the barbecue'r happens to dowse the food in lighter fluid in a (weak, and rookie) attempt at making the fire temporarily hotter to try to cook the food faster. Yes we were hungry. But damn, son! I would have waited another hour if it didn't mean sucking down lighter fluid on my ribs (I…