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"Before this day shall thrift....and one shall fall"

And your wait is over. Another thrift post is in store for those of you that have been praying for a thrift post. And not to judge or anything, but if you've actually been praying for a thrift may be some bigger issues there. Not saying that there's anything wrong with that or anything, but might want to see if there's another outlet because um...I'm really unpredictable with when these things get posted. Just so you know.

Now, on to the thrift....

I started the tour (and actually, these pix may actually be in chronological order this time....will miracles never cease!!), yeah. Over in the furniture and dead vaccuum area I came across this.

What it is, I have no freakin' clue. A planter for some vine to crawl up or something. But what bugs me is that someone would put this in their house. And why can't shit like this be made in China. You know, stuff that no one wants. But no. I gotta wait for Beijing to decide they're going to…

When Three Handed Chalk Creatures Attack!

It rained most of the day yesterday.
And I know most people, not from Ohio, (and not inside my over-active imagine) may not know that when it rains, any chalk drawing that smears or comes in contact with another living creature can come alive.

I'm sure it's on Wikipedia somewhere.

Anyway, because of that, and because I'd seen the kids in our court running around in the rain, I was a trifle concerned when I saw this on my driveway.

I knew it wasn't going to be good. Just days earlier there had been fantastical creatures (ok, a butterfly) drawn there.
My sense of trepidation heightened upon seeing my beloved grill....

I could scarce contain the girlish yelp that fought to burst forth after seeing the tell tale signs on the garage door....

My worst fear had come to pass. Not only was it the tiny-handed chalk monster (a particularly tenacious and bloodthirsty beast*)...but there was a second creature.....the THREE HANDED CHALK MONSTER!!!!! It was bad. Very bad.

I can't go on …