More Geek Than Meets the Eye

Transformers comes out tomorrow.

I already have my tickets. I'll be taking the kids.

I already have my Soundwave shirt :-)

And I have to admit. I won't be the biggest geek at the premiere....but, thanks to my cousin, Nash, I bet I'm pretty high up on the list.


E.B. said...

I was never a big Transformer-head growing up. I watched it if it was on but I was still pissed off that they took SpeedRacer off the air!

I must admit, I am looking forward to seeing how well they do the special effects in the movie version...if it's hokey, I'm gonna be just as pissed in this decade as I was in the past...

Todd S. said...

I hear ya brother.
If Michael Bay screws this up, I'm kicking his ass, personally. I'll climb up the hollywood ladder and become a big shot movie guy so that in 10 years I can say, at some awards thing...'yo, mikey....remember "Transformers?"?? POW! That's for ruining my childhood memories, beyotch!"


but either way I'm stoked.

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