Stringing Along

Just an update.

We did go to the thrift store this past Weds for some 1/2 price thrifty goodness. I did get some nice shirts, jeans, shorts, and a snazzy little hat (but sadly no Stinky Hot Feet).

And...I did upload all the pix to the blog. But I have not put the funky snappy reparte that you have come to know and love.

At least not yet.

And it's really not looking like that's going to happen any time before Sunday night or Monday at this rate.

Just so you know.

But I wanted to leave you with at least one pic.

This is the latest iteration of the studio. It's much cleaner with more room. All in all a better place for me to work. feels less like the walls are closing in on me. And gives me less to worry about when editing. Everything seems to have it's place now.

Which is good, since I need to start editing the 1st birthday party of my best bro's daughter.

peace outside.


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