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Why I Loved Transformers (but You Might Hate It)

Alright. First off, let's get this out of the way....

I'm not going to monitor what I say here. There may be spoilers in this post. If you haven't seen the movie yet, you've been warned.

Now...I have to say one thing to start this out it may go against what you think you know about me...but....

This may possibly be my favorite movie of all time.


Notice I didn't say that I think it was the "best movie ever" or any bullshit like that. But it was without a doubt probably my most favorite movie to watch. I had fun watching it. The story was solid enough to carry the movie for the full 2 hours and 23 minutes...the action was great...the effects were off the hook. And I had fun and found myself cheering outloud during the film.

Here's the part that may piss you off (and where I may be comitting heresy for you die-hard fans)....

Forget what you know of the original series.

Seriously. Granted, I was a HUGE fan of the original series (generation 1, from 1984-1986). I even refused to see the movie because I didn't want to see Optimus Prime die.

Which brings us to THIS movie.

Optimus Prime is alive and well (and voiced again by Mr. Cullen).

This is not a prequel. This is not designed to give you any backstory whatsoever. In fact, only a few of the actual characters from the original series made it through unaltered. Optimus Prime is still a big red truck. Starscream is still a jet. Beyond that, only the names (and some of the original voices) made it through.

Here's where I differ from your typical geek...I did not make a religion out of the series. Just like I did not make a religion out of Star Wars or The Matrix. They were good movies with good stories (excluding the prequels for Star Wars and the sequels for the Matrix). And while I enjoyed the cartoon tremendously as a kid (and yes, as an adult), I realize that they were 30 minute commercials. Not some secret treatise on life. Just a cartoon. Good guys fought the bad guys. Cops and Robbers. Cowboys and Indians. It was simple and it was fun.

The movie is the same way. It has robots. In disguise.

The Energon Cubes that the Decepticons were trying to get in the cartoon have been replaced by the 'All Spark'....the giver of life (blah blah). Decepticons want to get it so they can turn everything on earth into Evil Decepticon technology and wipe out the humans and the Autobots want to stop that from happening. Simple enough. But really, who cares? Just show us shit transforming already. And blow stuff up.

Nods in the movie to the original series:

  • Prime: "Autobots-Transform!"

  • Prime: "Autobots, Roll Out!" (granted, I was still waiting for him to say "Autobots-Transform and Roll Out!" but I'll take what I can get).

  • Prime: "One shall stand, and one shall fall"

  • Megatron: "Starscream, you've failed me yet again!!"

  • Bumblebee: Slams his door into a 1971 VW Beetle (yellow, of course), so that Sam chooses him instead.

The movie also pokes fun of Armageddon and borrows from MIB and Independence Day in a couple of places, (but nothing too obvious, short of seeing Will Smith).

And finally, I take umbrage with the people who are upset by the huge amount of product placement in the film. And I would like to remind them of one simple fact. The original Transformers cartoons were made in 1984 after the toys were created. Got that? Toys first. Cartoon second. The series was designed to sell the toys. It was a 30min. commercial that was on Saturday mornings. And we had our toys and played along. The reason so many characters were killed in the 1986 animated film was so that Hasbro could introduce NEW characters (a.k.a. toys) and get people to buy them too!

So, I have no problem with the product placement in this movie. I think it's fitting and totally in line with what the original series was (A huge disguise).

And you bet your ass I'm gonna go see this movie again and again.

Because it rawks!!! And it was fun.

And there may just be more to it than meets the eye!


Darrin said…
I'm glad you liked the film. I was overly concerned when I saw that you had stuck a transformers sticker on your car, that you would be really really disappointed with the movie if it sucked.

But you liked it...

So crisis averted... or diverted... or something. :-P
Todd S. said…
Even if the movie sucked, i still like the it would have stayed on...just not as long. It's all good. it was fun and I had fun seeing it...and now I have fun driving my autobot :-)
Kim said…
Your fellow cartoon geek Wayne liked Transformers. I kinda...well...fell asleep for a bit after about an hour and 10 minutes.

I liked the little doggie with the cast on his leg.

Yeah, I know I suck. You don't have to point it out.
Todd S. said…
LOL. The junkie taco-bell dog. I liked him too :-)

But fell asleep???



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