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I like Clouds

On the way home I was struck by how freakin' cool the clouds looked. So I had to stop and snap a few pix.

And while they aren't nearly as cool as seeing them live, they're still cool enough that they've made it in to my rotation of desktop backgrounds.

Oh...and in case you're wondering, there WILL be a thrift post this weekend. I just got all the pix uploaded. Witty comments to follow.

Stay tuned!

She Was a Day Tripper

There are actually some very cool things that can be done in a day if you live in the central part of the Buckeye State (that would be Ohio) and you are willing to travel a couple of hours in any direction.

For example, you might head up to the Wooster area and behold Grandpa's Cheesebarn (more on that later).

Jen and I took such a roadtrip today. It was a Daddy/Daughter bonding time and a sort of a last hoorah before she starts the big bad world of 8th grade Monday. Yes, she's getting old. Yes, I'm old.

Anyway, after popping my Geritol and gassing up the autobot, we headed north. North on I-71. Destination -Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (and museum).

Oh yes.


It appears that even as stadiums (long noted RAWK venues) must have corporate sponsorship, so too must the house that RAWK built. Key bank to the rescue. Personally, I would have gone with an address of Eighty-Eight Key Plaza...but what do I know?
The first thing that greeted us (after the $10 parking (which as we lef…

Sammy the Wonder Beagle

I may have gone on and on about our wonder-beagle, Sammy. And if I didn't...he rules.
And here he is. I'm gonna let the pix speak for themselves.

Here Comes the Sun

So, a week ago Wednesday I bought a new camera. It's a new 7MP Fuji S700 camera and actually looks and feels like a film camera (I was getting very very annoyed with the tiny canon that felt like it was going to break or something if I looked at it wrong). It was a great deal ($250 normally, $200 on sale). So I got it. There's a whole backstory here about how it was on a credit card and a bunch of fun stuff like that, but that's really besides the point.

The point is, for what I spent (or will spend when we pay off this card) on this camera, I got a great still camera that I am supremely happy with. To the point where I am enjoying taking pictures again.

So, to that end, amidst the 3 weeks of off and on torrential downpours, I found some times when the sun was peeking through.

These pix were taken with the new camera and were taken on my way to work. I am quite confident in saying that these pictures blow the sh*t out of anything I could have taken with my other camera(s).

I …

Another Rant

This is going to be another rant. So, click away if you must. I will have a State Fair Update later this week that promises to be a tad more cheerful. But today I have to ask a simple question. When did English become the second language in America? Yes, I know that we're supposed to be this great big melting pot...give me your tired blah blah.That's the whole point of a melting pot. Everything that goes in gets blended to become something that is cooler and more precious (in many cases) than the original elements that went in. And that's fine. Most of the people that inspired that inscription on the Statue of Liberty came to become Americans. Get the difference there? They wanted to be American. They didn't just want to come here and sponge benefits without having to go through the same shit that the rest of us go through (taxes, insurance, paying for healthcare). They wanted to be a part of something bigger.To contribute to the ever changing f…

A Page from my brother, Earl

I have  brother named Earl. He has a blog wherein he espouses views and rants. Normally I try to keep my blog lighthearted and what I like to call "funny" (air quotes optional). But I have to admit....something scares the hell out of me. And I'm not even sure, given the current state of things, that I can (or should) even blog about them. Afterall, you know how subversive blogs can be. I am an American. My skin is white. My ancestors came from Europe or somewhere like that. I'm not Italian-American or any that other horseshit. I'm American (and just for the record...where the f**k is Caucasia? I mean, sure...African-Americans.....Americans of African descent....but I'm Caucasian. And I would just like someone to point on a map and tell me where the country, nation or continent of Caucasia is)...ok..back to it. I'm American. And as an American, born in this country (and therefore legally entitled to be here), there are certain things I take for …