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A Page from my brother, Earl

I have  brother named Earl. He has a blog wherein he espouses views and rants. Normally I try to keep my blog lighthearted and what I like to call "funny" (air quotes optional).
But I have to admit....something scares the hell out of me. And I'm not even sure, given the current state of things, that I can (or should) even blog about them. Afterall, you know how subversive blogs can be.
I am an American. My skin is white. My ancestors came from Europe or somewhere like that. I'm not Italian-American or any that other horseshit. I'm American (and just for the record...where the f**k is Caucasia? I mean, sure...African-Americans.....Americans of African descent....but I'm Caucasian. And I would just like someone to point on a map and tell me where the country, nation or continent of Caucasia is)...ok..back to it.
I'm American.
And as an American, born in this country (and therefore legally entitled to be here), there are certain things I take for granted.
One of those things is that my government actually gives a little bit of a shit about me. I have this crazy idea because of a couple of documents from our past. The first is the Declaration of Independance. It talks about inalienable rights and blah blah.  The second is the Constitution of the United States of America. This sets forth my rights as a Citizen of the United States. 
In recent years (about 7 to be exact) status and beliefs in these documents has started to waiver. It's not that I think these documents are bad documents. I think they're great, actually. But apparently, they don't need to be followed. Given the course that our current Governing Administration (read the President and his Sith Lords) has taken, I'm finding that these documents (the foundation of the very government that got them in to politics, btw), are merely guidelines.
I've learnd a few things....
If you are an illegal alien in this country, you can get free health care (hospitals are not permitted BY LAW to ask you for proof of insurance). You can get Social Security Benefits after 18 quarters of emplyment instead of 40 quarters. Income taxes are pretty much optional. OH...and you can fly your own country's flag in the streets and protest about how you don't have the same rights that 'real' American citizens have.'s a little tip...STFU. You have it better than a lot of American 'citizens', mmmkay?
But the thing that really messes me up about the whole shite right now is some other things that have happened recently.
The first is the Patriot Act. And the Patriot Act II. These are freakin' scary. Read through them some time and pretend you're a character in a George Orwell novel (Animal Farm or 1984, take your pick).
Then we have the whole....WTC was bombed by Saudi Arabian terrorists with ties to Al Queada so we will go to war with Iraq. But no big deal, right? We were supposed to get in and get out. Minimal loss of American lives. Everyone's happy. Democracy wins again.
But the two recent ones that really kind of bug me are the fact that bills have been pushed through Congress (and signed by our president, the Conundrum in Chief) that take away your Constitutional right to know WHY you are being detained....and now they have just made it LEGAL for Law Enforcement to wiretap your phones, read your emails and surveil you without any warrant at all. This is regardless of if you are a known terrorist or criminal or not. Oh, I KNOW that you were told that it was to combat terrorism...and personal liberties are a small price to pay when we're fighting the war on terror, right?
Here's the problem with all of that.
Terrorism isn't a war. It's a way of life. At no point will these people wake up and surrender their beliefs. There will be no truce. No declaration signed that the War on Terror is officially over.
So, if you think that you are going to get your personal freedoms back after we stop the terrorists or after the war in Iraq is probably need to rethink that.
Because from where I'm sitting, once that shit's gone. It's gone.
Take comfort in that. I, personally take comfort in the fact that I didn't vote for the bastards.
Wonder what Canada's like this time of year?


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