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The Sun Sets over Progress

Have I mentioned how much I'm digging my new camera? Well, I am.

Where we live is a construction zone at the moment. They're building some new fancy shmancy freeway that's gonna be awesome when it's all done (another year or so), but until then is a big pain in the backside.

And as I was exiting off the highway on the way home, I saw this. Luckily I had my camera with me.

I like the way that something so awesome as our sun can just blend in and become a backdrop..something we take for granted.

Interesting how no matter how much crap we try to build up, nature always finds a way to make itself known.

I dig that.

And as the sun sets, the moon rises. Maybe one day I'll get a nice lens that can give me a little more clarity, but for now, this is a decent shot.
One last look as the sun sets over progress. One has to wonder sometimes, are we really heading in the right direction?

Where's the High Plains Thrifter, yo??

So...the 3 or 4 of you that normally read this blog may have noticed me trying on a few different names for size and may have wondered why. And even if you didn't, I'm gonna probably bore you with details anyway. I think I covered a little bit of this back in my 'please don't call me a poser-I've faked it for years' post, but meh.

It seems that I try to collect my sense of self every few years. So it was pretty much about time. These are minor journeys into self-exploration that sometimes reveal things about me to me or sometimes just confuse me more.

The last major one was probably when the fit hit the shan with a band I was in. And it's not fair to say it really hit the fan. It just kind of fizzled and that's cool. It served to solidify the feeling that I needed to focus on more of a visual medium. I was never going to be able to convey to someone that wasn't in my head what kind of music I was actually hearing in there and my own skills usually fel…

2nd Floor Ackshun

Today was a great day. Perfect Ohio Autumn day. I got up this morning...chilled. Grabbed some lunch. Hit a garage sale (more on that and the Corn Hole Conspiracy later). Then Darrin came over for some 2nd Floor jamming and hanging out.

I had the back deck cleaned off and some chairs set up. During the jam session we were joined by our own little rhythm section. I don't know what kind of bird this is. Darrin said it was a finch or something. I was thinking it was a woodpecker or something. Or maybe I just like saying 'woodpecker.'

Darrin jammin'.
The prerequisite 'down the fret' shot.
The view from my deck.
Another shot of the peckerfinch or whatever it is.
Another shot from the deck.
"When I'm rocking out, the thing that really keeps me going is Diet Dr. K!!"
Once more percussion solo with the peckerwoodfinch.
The think I love about our deck is that when you look out, it feels like you're up in the trees. So cool.
Second Floor...circa 2007.
Diet Dr. K...…

Cloud Pictures of the Day

Some cloud pictures from today. The first few were before I left for work. The rest were after I pulled in to the parking lot at work.

I like clouds.

And with that I leave you to your Friday. I've got some video editing and some jammin' on deck for this weekend, oh...and the yard guy is coming to correct my mess of the job in the flower beds.

Have a great weekend!

footnote for using the pix as Desktop:
I've found that in a lot of these, since it's at a 7MP resolution, it looks really cool if you set them as a desktop background and then in properties, choose 'CENTER' instead of 'STRETCH'.-ATS

The Evolution of Thrift

Let's be truthful...this blog that started out as a haven for the fun trinkets I found whilst thrifting hasn't really been about that for quite some time. Oh sure...I've put an occasional post in there about the thrift. But seriously....the material was starting to be a re-hash. The faces changed but the names stayed the same.

And you know what? I'm a little too old to be posing at this point.
Here's a list of things I considered myself at one time and have pretty much realized that I'm not-at least not to the extent that I thought I was(with explanations to follow):

The Baddest White Rapper on the M...I...C....A DJA contributing member of any band that played outA songwriterA Doctor
A Good FriendA Mature Grown UpA HippyA fount of all things rap-relatedA SkaterA CIA Summer Camp Spy
Selfless and altruisticA Hacker
A misunderstood Musical Genius (a.k.a. A Serious Musician)
If you know me at all, you know that at various times I have said just enough to let on as though…

My Baby Takes the Morning Train

So, it's no great secret that I love my new camera. And thanks to some recent events that have unfolded IRL, I've been getting up earlier (5:30AM) during the week. I now take my daughter to school and the first couple of days this week I could have kicked myself for not having my camera with me (of course that didn't stop me from waiting until Friday to actually bring it along).

Anyway, I took these on the way to take her to school this morning and then some additional shots on my way to work. These are the things I see every morning and normally drive right by.

Crazy, isn't it? How beautiful things are that we actually see every day but just drive right by?
I will only comment on a few of them.


This one is one I didn't see until today. I thought to myself....'isn't that the purpose of the turlet? make sure you DON'T get marks on your rear-end???'

I thought I'd give you a shot of the State Flower of Ohio...the Orange Striped Barrel.

I think…

The Last Wednesday Non-T-Shirt Thriftdition

Well since it looks like the Buckeyes are going to wind up trouncing the Penguins, I'll step away from the tube (because I'm such a HUGE football fan) and start on a post for y'all.

As you may or may not remember, the last Wednesday of the month is 1/2 price thrift day at our local thriftstore. And I'm all about the thrift, but I'm even more about the 1/2 priceyness.

And as the title of the post mentions, I went through the entire evening with NO shots of t-shirts (ok, technically that's not ENTIRELY true, but MOSTLY no shots of t-shirts). This is an accomplishment for 2 reasons and if I have to tell you what those 2 reasons are, well then, this isn't going to be a very fun post. So, lets get on with it, shall we?


Now we're talking. Back when plastic toys were still made in America...and things like parking cars was cool. I have to admit...I wanted this.
I had this. It was fun. Until my kicker was drafted by the Cleveland Browns. Bastards.

Slightly mor…