My Baby Takes the Morning Train

So, it's no great secret that I love my new camera. And thanks to some recent events that have unfolded IRL, I've been getting up earlier (5:30AM) during the week. I now take my daughter to school and the first couple of days this week I could have kicked myself for not having my camera with me (of course that didn't stop me from waiting until Friday to actually bring it along).

Anyway, I took these on the way to take her to school this morning and then some additional shots on my way to work. These are the things I see every morning and normally drive right by.

Crazy, isn't it? How beautiful things are that we actually see every day but just drive right by?
I will only comment on a few of them.


This one is one I didn't see until today. I thought to myself....'isn't that the purpose of the turlet?...to make sure you DON'T get marks on your rear-end???'

I thought I'd give you a shot of the State Flower of Ohio...the Orange Striped Barrel.

I think that eventually this sign will be like a protest sign....'End Defense Spending'....'End Road Work'....Down with Highway Maintenance!

This was nearly to work. And was out the window. I have to be honest. Some things I shoot just because I think they'd be fun desktops.
Random-in-the-car shot.
I was hoping the 'Dreamgirls' flag would unfurl. Because, strippers can be patriotic, too.
And this is a shot of the building I work in. I didn't ever realize how much foliage and stuff they put around outside the building (because inside it's pretty much a soulless hole).

And happy Friday to y'all. Not sure what all is going down this weekend, but I'm sure I'll be taking pictures.

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Darrin said...

nice pic dude. that new camera must be da bomb. I esp like the one where the sun is peeking though the clouds and the leaves frame in the photo at the top. nice-age.

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