The Sun Sets over Progress

Have I mentioned how much I'm digging my new camera? Well, I am.

Where we live is a construction zone at the moment. They're building some new fancy shmancy freeway that's gonna be awesome when it's all done (another year or so), but until then is a big pain in the backside.

And as I was exiting off the highway on the way home, I saw this. Luckily I had my camera with me.

I like the way that something so awesome as our sun can just blend in and become a backdrop..something we take for granted.

Interesting how no matter how much crap we try to build up, nature always finds a way to make itself known.

I dig that.

And as the sun sets, the moon rises. Maybe one day I'll get a nice lens that can give me a little more clarity, but for now, this is a decent shot.
One last look as the sun sets over progress. One has to wonder sometimes, are we really heading in the right direction?

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