The Big Mac Daddy

And no...that's not "Big Mac" as in the sandwich. It's big as in fat and mac as in Macintosh computer.

That's right. To the 8 PCs in the house, we recently added a Mac. The thing is a monster, really. It was one of the production servers at my parents old company...translation-it's a beast and has the Adobe Design suite and Macromedia Studio MX loaded.

Couple that with the Wacom Intuos2 Graphic tablet I got at the garage sale this weekend (for $20) and I'm on my way to some kind of graphic design nirvana or something.

And it's not that I hated Macs. It's just that it was insanely cost prohibitive up to now to have one. And I could never have afforded this one at present w/out ganking it from my parents.

I also loaded Cubase (it came with the Alesis iO/2 but sucked on PC) and transferred some files over from miniDisc. very cool. And very easy.

So...um. yeah. I'll upload some pix soon. Just wanted to touch base and let y'all know that I'm still alive and kicking over here in Hooterville Junction.

peace out.

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