From now on, my code name is Mr. SparklePants

So, as you can see by the pix, I was a tad busy tonight.
It's true I was not a huge fan of the show by any stretch of the imagination, but I did enjoy it when I watched it, and i always marvel at what people are able to make their bodies do.
So, yeah, I think I can dance.

These two certainly look like they're ready to dance or at the very least, watch other people dance.
That's me. The one with the glasses. Hey! I heard that. I can too dance.

This is Nigel saying "oooooh. Tsk. Tsk. You cont donce." (He's British you know)

And now a few pix from the show. I'm not going to describe every one. If you saw the show, you probably know most of the routines. Nor did I decide to bore you with all of the photos I actually took.

I will probably post some of the video when I get it compressed enough that it doesn't choke the bandwidth chicken.

Enjoy. I must say I was quite pleased with how well the Fuji did. We were about 100 yards from the stage and it was low light (And I didn't use the flash). All in all, a neat evening. And fun for the whole family.

Enjoy the show!

And these last few are actually out of order (well, to be honest, all the pix are jumbled as far as chronology goes, but oh well!)

Thank you Columbus, and goodnight!


Darrin said...

Cool. My family has taken me to see Smucker's Stars on Ice a couple of time. Um... that's all I got.

Kim said...

Umm...are you sure the name of the show you saw wasn't "So You Think I'm a Teen-age Flamer?"

Looks like it was a totally bitchin' dance-fest!

Todd S. said...

oh definitely.There were a lot of them batting for the pink team, I'm guessing.

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