One Must Fall

Apologies in advance, folks. This is gonna be another one of those long photo posts that I've been growing fond of as of late.

And Darrin, I have to apologize for the name change, but I got to thinking....some of what I was writing, wasn't so much crap as it was randomness. So I went back to the beginning. If I'm not mistaken, my very first blog on Blogger was Random Meanderings. And if I am mistaken, so be it.

Fall is in the air (and pretty much every where else, too). So I stopped by the local reservoir and got some shots that I think came out pretty well. And then I snapped a few more on the way to pick up Jen from her grandma's.

I don't really have much to say about them. So I'll let the pix do all the talking.

peace out.



Darrin said...

Nice photoz, dude! Not too many with power lines which is nice. Very hard nowadays to now snap a photo with trees without getting some stupid phone or power lines in them. Good jorb!

Todd S. said...

Thanks!!I agree. I really was hoping to get down to KY before all the leaves fell...there are some real good places down there to get pix.

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