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When I think about you iTouch myself

OK. To those that know me, it's no secret...I'm a gadget whore. I love new (or new to me) gadgets and gizmos.

So...I was pretty stoked when the iPhone came out. Only one problem. I was NOT stoked about switching over to ATT/Cingular and having a $60+ cell phone bill a month PLUS $600 for a phone. That would NOT fly at the Casa de Skaggs.

Nor would I expect it too.

So, I figure...OK...eventually Apple will release the iPod with a touch screen..just like the iPhone...only without the phone.

And the did.

And I want it.

Sort of.

First off, for the moment, I can't really afford it's rather a moot point. But some things may be falling in place that will change that.

Second off...I don't really need it.'s only 8GB...or 16GB (but given point #1, it'd be the 8GB model).

The main draw is the video part of it, and the contacts/schedule and web browsing.

Now if only I had a device that let me do all of that already-I wouldn't have to spend $300 on the iTou…

Shoooot. Just when I thought I was out...

So...I'm a recently (as in 5 or more years now) movie guy. I make movies.
It's my 'thing' if you will (and even if you won't).

But I still like to make music. I think I put my own little slant on the songs I make. Some work better than others. Some blow. But regardless, as a good friend of mine once said, "it's cheaper than therapy."

And there you have it.

I had a birthday last week. Nothing too exciting. Turned 36. Woohoo. And I treated myself to a few things.

One of said things was a new phone. It's a $50 phone that I got for $30 on Black Friday (got N one, too). I wasn't sure how much longer I wanted my ex paying for my phone. So. Yeah. Didn't need it...wanted it. That's what you're supposed to get on your B-Day. Things you want.

And I also got a new mixer. If you're keeping score, this makes the 4th actual piece of mixing hardware I own (5 if you count the 4-track). And I'm ok with that. This one is a 16 channel beast of a …

Crazy Chester Thrifted Me and He Caught Me in the Bog

Ah....feels good, don't it? Yes. This is a thrift post. I had thought that it might be too cumbersome to bring the S700 to the thrifstore, but it was no more so than the Canon I used to carry. So...ladies and gentlemen, I give you...The Good the Bad and The Thrifty.

This trip was not a solo trip. This time I had D-man along with me. We had stopped off at Smackies for some FOIN! BBQ. It was tasty.

We were on a quest to get Donkey Kong for NES or GBA, but it was not to be. But enough of that. On to the thrift.

First off we have air soccer. WTF? 4 player soccer? This to me is just Hungry Hungry Hippos without the Hippos. And really, what fun is that?

I love Trivia Games. But I find that the boxes that they come in are so cheap. If only I had a way to carry my favorite Trivia Game that was a little more durable. Hmmm.

Personal Pong. First off, they have to show this with a woman's hand. Because if they showed it with a guy's hand, it would give the wrong idea. So, basically what …

100 lbs

So. At the doctor's office a couple weeks back I was sitting in the parking garage and starting formulating an idea of documenting my weight loss journey. I need to lose 100lbs. I don't have a time frame for this (I'm not putting any constraints on myself in that regards).

I'm going down the path of using points the Weight Watchers point system.

So I started the writing. I've even thought about going the 'reality TV Confessional Booth' short film approach, too. But I'm not sure who would dig it besides me.

I thought that I would do weekly installments on the writing. But here's the thing....I'm just not feeling it right now.

And I've shelved it for now. It just isn't flowing right now.

And to prove my point, I've attached it. If you feel like you want to wade through it, feel free.

I just don't see myself going back to it right now, so I thought I'd at least release it into the wild.

Peace out.

“What's 100 Pounds?”


Andrew Skaggs


I love my trees. We have about 7 or 8 massively huge old trees in our backyard. In the spring and summer they are bitchin'. I love sitting back on my deck. It feels like you are up in in the trees.

I also love Fall. It's my favorite season. Just nippy enough to not break a sweat outside (and to cool down easily when you do) and not too cold that your snot freezes on your upper lip (dude, I HATE that).

The problem comes when these two things that I really dig come together. It's not a 'you got your chocolate in my peanut butter' kind of moment. Nope. It's more of a 'you like it? Well here's the price you've got to pay.'

Here's kind of what the trees look like in the fall (note the absence of leaves).

Glancing out across the yard from atop the deck, most of the leaves have been wrangled (after about 3 hours of blowing). The little pile in the middle is made up of the unfortunate refugees that got stuck in the pile of twigs.

Ahhh. A virtually leaf f…