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Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from our family to you and yours!!

Hey Bono, I'm looking at you

The strangest things hit my brain at the oddest times.

First off, before I get too deep into the post, I'm just gonna say, I'm cool with God. After the car accident when I was 8, the shoplifted batteries at 16 and the open heart surgery at 25, I don't need anyone to convince me that there's a God and he's got my back. I'm quite aware, thankyouverymuch. No need to try to save me or raise my awareness of the almighty. I'm good.

But what bugs me about the whole God thing is when he becomes trendy. And by trendy I mean how God's invoked everywhere by people who may or may not really mean it.

But I need to stop there before this becomes a post about religion blah blah blah.

What this is is a post about a Christmas song that's popular called "Do They Know It's Christmastime (Feed the World)?"

It's a bunch of artists that got together to cut a record (mostly because their managers probably told them it was a good idea in the wake of that whole…


We got our first snowfall this year. And as is the tradition in Central Ohio, people freaked the frick out. I mean...seriously people-it's just snow. No ice. No freezing rain. Just snow.

But after spending 20 minutes prepping my car to drive amongst the idjits, I realized one thing-what a great photo-op I'd have on the way to take Jen to school. So, I grabbed the camera.

And there were some GREAT shots on the way. Picture perfect pine trees with the Rockwellian dusting of snow. Things that Christmas Card makers dream of.

But unfortunately, traffic wasn't crappy enough to afford me the chance to stop and snap some shots.

All of the following shots were taken after I dropped her at school and was heading to work.
Most of them were taken through the windshield. I'm happy with how they came out. A few are 'desktop background' worthy (And you'd never know that one of them was 100 yards away from a girlie bar...nature's funny that way).


My Daughter Rawks! I spouted off not too long ago about the cool new mixer I got on Black Friday. And truly it's a beast. And I think that someday I might actually be able to harness its powers for good and not for wanking.

But this is clearly not wanking.

This summer, Jen came to me with a song she'd written. She played it. And it Rawked. Last night we recorded it. Using the mixer...straight to harddisk.

so here for you is that song.

"I'm Through" by Jenyfer Skaggs

She sings and plays guitar on the song. I do my best drummer impersonation on the Roland EM-10 (and as such take all blame for the times when the ryhtym seems a