Welcome to 2008

So...I struggled with a truly profound way to ring in the new year. A post of epic proportions, as it were.

In the end, there really wasn't much to go on. I could do the 'Lists of 2007' or the 'Hopes/Goals of 2008' but in the end, those are pretty much my business and have no reason being here other than to make me think you think they make me look deep.

Or something like that.

I will give you some bad news. There will be a lull in the thrift posts (even more than normal). I was damn near banned from Ohio Thrift after my attempt at a post-Christmas Clearance Bonanza. This was the picture that almost got me kicked out:

I know!!! Right? A Charlie Brown tree that almost assuredly has to be a prop that some high school propmaster/janitor is missing even now.

(EDIT: OK. So I have no idea where the pic is, so I'll give you some more).

This...was what greeted us a couple of weeks ago:

If you have an XBox-360...chances are, you've seen one of these. I'll give you some real-world red-ring action:

Now...hear me. If you have an XBox-360 and you have not seen one of these....you will.
Trust me. You will.

And if you have RockBand...you may not need to wait very long for it.

This could very easily segue in to a rant about how how a company like Micro$oft would intentionally put out a project that would fail....100%. It's not IF....it's WHEN. And lest you late-adopters think you're safe because you don't have one of of the troublesome Launch Models..I have bad news for you. It's also being reported in the very newest models to.

Don't fight it.

Fear is the mind killer.

Speaking of Dune. This is my favorite picture so far of 2008. Hands down.

And this is what I look like after I let my facial hair go for 10 days, and then shaved it into the 70's/Superbad 'stache for 70's Dress Down Sunday at church.

All Jen kept saying was 'shave it off. it's scary' and Tommy just kept laughing...well, it was that weird smile where he wants to laugh but he's not sure if he'll get in trouble or not. He probably would not have.

So...in the end (like that afternoon), I shaved it off. But not before I entertained thoughts of....no, actually I did shave it off before that. Nevermind.

And that's all I got for the first post of 2008. It's 57 degrees now. And by morning it's supposed to be 19 with a wind-chill of -1. Good times.

Stayed tuned for a Side-One-Track-One revival sometime in the near future. I was recently informed that there was not a single episode in 2007. And really, there's no excuse. Although I think I might start calling it Side One Band One, since that's technically accurate. And as long as I'm being prickish about vinyl (and yes...I'm fully aware that my credentials exist largely in my head and have no bearing on reality in the least)...I might as well be a prick to the fullest extent of the law.

And there you have it.

Night y'all.

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