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The Bag of Holding

(Original Post started on Feb 9th, 2008)I'm not sure if this weekend counts as a spiritual journey or not. Before I get into that, though, I feel that I need to back up. For all intents and purposes, the funny pictures with the witty quips from the thrift store are done. Due to increased priggishness by the management at the Ohio Thrift store, I feel that it's time to set that to the side at the moment and take this blog in a different direction.That is to say that every attempt at humor in my posts will for the most part, still be made (success of said attempts, however, elude predicative analysis).  I think that the posts this year (this week, this month?) will step more along the trimmings of the 'Random Meanderings' path that I originally blazed when I first birthed this blog.And now back to the story of my journey to Damascus and the blinding light on said jaunt.As I write this, I'm sitting in a cottage at Carter Caves. My wife is asleep in our room. In the ne…

New Addition to the Family

I was out at Circuit City last night and came across the Spirit LesPaul (made by Gibson and marketed through their Gibson Baldwin Music Education Line). The one they had was in a beat up box and had clearly seen better days.  But...the guitar itself was in pretty good shape and the neck seemed OK. So I went to the manager and said "Oy. How much is this, and how much will you sell it to me for since it's been crapped on?"$65 she said.Deal I said. It's got a few chips in it up near the headstock and the strings that were on it were shite. But I got it home, cleaned up, changed the strings and started rawking.I have to say, I dig it.And I've named it Chip.And that's all I have for now.

Shine On, Syd, Shine On

So, for my birthday last year  I got myself this Behringer Mixer with USB and FX built in. It's overkill, but I figure that when I start recording again, the 16 channels will come in handy and it has 100 effects or something like that built in.So far I've been REALLY happy with it.the first venture with it was the A-Groove Redux. It's a dream to record with. It's got practically zero latency going through the USB, the line noise is VERY minimal and it's replaced 3 other pieces of gear on my desk. So, last night I was noodling. I picked 1 effect and decided to just go retarded with it.  The result is the following 6 tracks of my Epiphone Les Paul Jr. run through the 'echo' effect and recorded via USB interface to Adobe Audition.It' Well, it's fugged up, imho.But it was fun. And really, what else could I ask for? It reminds me a lot of the sh*t that Darrin and I used to do I suggest using headphones for the full effect.Trippy2.mp3 *-Peace OutTo…