New Addition to the Family

I was out at Circuit City last night and came across the Spirit LesPaul (made by Gibson and marketed through their Gibson Baldwin Music Education Line). The one they had was in a beat up box and had clearly seen better days.  But...the guitar itself was in pretty good shape and the neck seemed OK. So I went to the manager and said "Oy. How much is this, and how much will you sell it to me for since it's been crapped on?"

$65 she said.

Deal I said. It's got a few chips in it up near the headstock and the strings that were on it were shite. But I got it home, cleaned up, changed the strings and started rawking.

I have to say, I dig it.

And I've named it Chip.

And that's all I have for now.


Darrin said...

Niiiiice find. :) Rawk out, my funk soul bruva!

Todd S. said...

Yeah, I was pretty stoked about it. It was one of those 'stars all aligned' things (I only had the extra scratch to buy it since I had done like 40 hours of work for my Dad)...and just happened to be there getting a memory card anyway...and just happened to look back in a corner of the store I never look in.

PLUS-as a bonus, I tried it out at rehearsal this morning (for the praise band thingie at church), and it sounds SWEET through the VOX amp. Just a bit beefier than the Epi LesPaul JR (I guess that's what that extra humbucker will do for ya!)

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