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Shine On, Syd, Shine On

So, for my birthday last year  I got myself this Behringer Mixer with USB and FX built in.

It's overkill, but I figure that when I start recording again, the 16 channels will come in handy and it has 100 effects or something like that built in.

So far I've been REALLY happy with it.the first venture with it was the A-Groove Redux. It's a dream to record with. It's got practically zero latency going through the USB, the line noise is VERY minimal and it's replaced 3 other pieces of gear on my desk.

So, last night I was noodling. I picked 1 effect and decided to just go retarded with it.  The result is the following 6 tracks of my Epiphone Les Paul Jr. run through the 'echo' effect and recorded via USB interface to Adobe Audition.

It' Well, it's fugged up, imho.

But it was fun. And really, what else could I ask for? It reminds me a lot of the sh*t that Darrin and I used to do

I suggest using headphones for the full effect.

Trippy2.mp3 *


-Peace Out










(*there is no trippy1.mp3, this was just the result of me figuring out the mixing down feature in Adobe and not wanting to write over something I'd saved and might need later).


Darrin said…
niiice... yeah, that was pretty trippy. reminded me of some of the Fun With Digital Delay sessions, except cooler and less goofy. :-D

we'll have to get together and jam on that thing soon.
Todd S. said…
Definitely! (don't know how much cooler it was. LOL).

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