Getting Old

Signs you might be getting old (and by 'you,' I clearly mean me because how the heck would I know if you're old or not??):

  1. My daughter starts high school next year.
  2. I no longer understand the teen-speak (no, seriously. If I'm around 2 or more of them, it's like I'm in a completely different country..it's maddening).
  3. Periods of time like 3 or 4 years no longer seem like such a long time (I can remember being a teen and it seemed like it would take FOREVER to go from one year to the next. Now I see friends I haven't seen in a few years and its like I just saw them last week).
  4. Saying things like 'I can remember when I was a teenager' and only half mean it.
  5. And this: !cid_pic032908_9

Yes. that's right. I just flipped 100,000 miles on my car this weekend. This is a car I got in 2000 and it only had 27,000 miles on it. It's been a good little car for me. And I'm sure it will make a good starter car for my daughter when she starts driving in a couple of years. Yeah. I know I know.  Freaks me out, too, mmmkay?

And the final sign that I'm getting old? It's 11:30 on a Saturday night, and all I can think about is hitting PUBLISH on this damn thing so I can get to bed. Yes, somewhere in me is a long, rambling, possibly coherent post on perpetuation of the species, fruit of my loins, what it means to 'get old' in body, and maybe in mind....but dude. I'm not up to the task at the moment. Seriously. I'm tired. It's been a long day.

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