Tee Hee

This is what we envision would happen if my co-worker became my boss and I didn't live up to expectations.

no fatties were harmed in the making of this film.

Have a good weekend, y'all.


That Dare To Be Great Opportunity

Here's a little story about two guys (well three, actually) that really inspire me. One was a VP where I work the other was a developer, younger lad-insanely talented. The third that I met later is the brother of the former VP.

They heard about this Google contest based on developing applications on the Android mobile platform. One of the suggestions was something with a humanitarian bent. Somehow, this VP got turned on to a need in Mozambique. Volunteers, people living in villages in Mozambique were providing care services to people with AIDS and the orphans that the AIDs epidemic has left behind. So, these guys, two of whom I used to work with, came up with an idea to help these indigenous volunteers do their job.

Through a series of events (that it's not really my place to go in to), these two guys, friends of mine, left the company I still work for. They both quit their safe, constant paychecks to a life of no paychecks. They left so they could do full time development on this application.

This is truly a dare to be great opportunity. This application they have developed can truly change the world.

And here's where I come in.

I went through 4 hours of footage from Mozambique that was shot when Sam went to Mozambique. And I helped them put together a video about WHY this application was important and necessary.

And here it is (well, down a bit).

They told me that they incorporated the video as an intro to the application that was submitted to Google last night.

Regardless of the finish in the Google contest, they are also working with WorldRelief, Mozambique as well as USAid. So, it would seem that the app will be seeing the light of day (that's everyone's hope, at least).

It has truly been a blessing to be a part of it.
I hope it touches you as much to watch as it has for me to edit it and put it together.

Mozambique Video (~10MB)


WTF, Mate?

Yeah. I know. I know. I have been to the thriftstore in like....FOREVER. AND, they won't let me take pictures there anymore. So now what the f*** am I supposed to do? Shop? Yeah, ok. Not likely anytime soon (although I do need some non-jeany type pants to wear now that the weather's turning not so frigid.

I just haven't felt...inspired (although that's SO not the right word) to post lately. And it's not like I don't have things to say. There's been a lot of sh*t going on at home (good stuff, and some weird stuff, but mostly good) and then there's been the recent re-getting-in-touch with old friends...so that's all been cool.

But it just never seemed like I wanted to sit down and take the time to spit all that out on this page.

Work is...well, work. That is to say-I have a job. On most days I enjoy my job. They are increasing my responsibilities and it has been suggested that more eyes are upon me and several roles that I want to move into are pretty much mine to lose. And all that's cool.

The change to the shared-parenting/child-support stuff finally went through last week and now Jen is with us the majority of the time and because of that, I'm not paying her mom child support any more.So, that's all good. She's settling in to her new school (although I'm sure she still tells people she hates it). She just had her first date last week and next August she starts high school.

My video duties in the church are increasing to the point where I am pretty much the leader of the video ministry there. So, I've been working on ways of getting that ramped up and going strong again. I hope that that one day becomes a full time gig, but that's not really my call at this point.

And I've been helping some friends with a video project for a very special application they are working on. It's pretty amazing and when I have some time and am not under a crunch to get the video done (they're presenting to Google and USAid next week), then I'll go into all of the specifics. Suffice to say, it's life changing and could be world-changing for the folks in Mozambique (to start), and other countries with similar programs. It's amazingly exciting and I feel blessed to be involved with it.

I'm also getting back into Soccer this weekend. Starting outdoor. We'll see how that goes. I'm about a D or C level player put on a B level team. So, at this point, I'm going to think of it as a learning experience. As in..."that'll teach me not to do THAT again!"

That's really about all there is right now. I know it's a boring post, but as I said...I just haven't felt like keeping this blog up to date and entertaining is as much of a priority these days. That and I'm saying what I gots to say in other venues. 

Peace out.

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