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RRFC: Contest Spoils

So, one thing that this whole Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp contest/experience has done for me is renew my interest in music. Not that I ever really went away from it, but it just seemed like it was sidelined for a while.

In addition to the amazing trip (of which I've written much, and will probably write much more in the future), I also won the Epiphone Slash Signature Edition Les Paul (which is just an amazing guitar. And special thanks to Talo for setting it up for me on the tour so I can rock like a real rockstar (at least in my own head)). They also hooked me up with a $500 gift card from GuitarCenter (which definitely helped steer my head back toward music, if only for a little while). And Friday I used the last of the dough on the card. Here's the final list:

Beach Boys Anthology Songbook
Boston Songbook
Doobie Brothers Songbook
8 sets of D'Addario strings (10's, because that's about all I've ever played on any of my guitars)
G7th Capo
3 guitar stand
Fender portabl…

RRFC: Pick of the Litter

OK. I've saturated the blog with RRFC stuff to last for days. I think it's gonna be a few days (at least) before I post any more about the camp, but I did want to leave you with what I thought was a pretty cool pic.

RRFC: Miscellaneous Signage

I am not a huge 'gimme your autograph' kind of guy. But even I recognized the potential for coolness to be had at the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp.I took an old sketchbook from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum and that became my Autograph Book.I wanted to have a page for each of the bands I was in. And then, if I had time or the inclination to get the rest of the counselors throughout the tour, I could. And I got most of them, except Elliot Easton. My opportunity came in L.A. but his 13yr old daughter was at the camp and I really didn't want to be 'that guy' that kept budding in on his time with her when he was obviously trying to share a moment. So, I didn't get his. But I have the little vid clip of the Cars solo he did in his Master Class. Extreme was the first real 'meet and greet' I've gone to. And since they were quite a bit higher up on the rock and roll food chain than I, I took the opportunity to get their signatures in Phoenix.Speaking…

RRFC: Los Angeles (Aug. 26th)

It hardly seems real. But it is. We drove through the night from San Francisco to LA and pulled up to the Grafton sometime in the wee hours of the morning.In what can only be described by mere mortals as a 'whirlwind of amazingness' we unloaded.I had to get a shot with Rob, our driver. The dude was a pro, lemme tell you. Not only did he put up with us whiny (faux)RockStars, but he got us where we needed to be and got us there in one piece.Here's another shot with Rob, me, and Rick, our tour manager. Rick took some time during his break managing the Alison Krauss/Robert Plant tour to manage the RRFC tour. I bet he's probably looking forward to getting back to them. But he was great, too.So, here we were. I was standing on the legendary Sunset.We walked in and this was the view that greeted me in the hallway. I mean it was like someone said, 'ok, when you think of some old-timey posh Hollywood hotel, what image comes to mind?' And >poof< there it was. I ca…

RRFC: San Francisco-The Aftershock

So...we played the Fillmore. The LEGENDARY Fillmore. What could possibly top that??If you had asked me that right after the show, I would have not had an answer for you. Because in my mind, nothing could top that.We stayed through Kings X set-which I have to say, I really am starting to dig. As in dig to the point where I'd go back and listen to their catalog. I like their sound.So, we watched them. And then headed out to our bus. Only our bus wasn't there. It had a flat. So we waited and chatted with some locals who were waiting for their  bus (as in public transit). Presumably their bus did not have a flat.After a while we headed to where we thought our bus was waiting for us. It wasn't.The Counselors' Bus (AKA ROCK FORCE 1) was there. But ours was nowhere to be found. Apparently we weren't in the best of neighborhoods because Rick had us get on the bus with the RockGods.THIS was the fantasy. Right? Surely this 'breakdown' was a clever scheme hatched by F…

RRFC: San Francisco (Aug. 25th)

Alright, now on with the Camp.This was my 3rd Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp. I couldn't believe it. I had to pinch myself-really (serving two purposes-making sure I wasn't just dreaming, and making sure the NyQuil had worn off).I was also just a TAD nervous. I'd checked the list and I was the ONLY guitarist in my group.  The group would be head up by the legendary Bassist from the pinnacle classic-rock-gods Deep Purple. None other than Mr. Glenn Hughes. I had gotten to chat with Glenn a bit in Vegas (he's a rep for Gibson/Epiphone and so was interested in my Slashie Epi). So I knew he was super nice and he'd be super cool about the whole thing.So. We get in there and start getting all set up. I let him know that I really wasn't a lead guitar player (I solo at about a 1.5 on a scale of 1-10). So, Glenn was going to take the other axe-duties and we were going to recruit one of the techs for bass duties. As it turns out, things worked out splendidly (as they tend to …