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So I had this daymare the other day about being at the Rock and Roll Fantasy camp and someone huge that I've always wanted to meet (this is not a short list) shows up and for some reason I only have a few minutes to grab my camera and get a pic with this person before they go to the next person...and of course my camera's in the other room (or on the bus or in the hotel)...and when I do get it, it takes another 5 minutes to get it to the point where someone else can take the picture...and by then the moment has passed. Gone. Pfffft. Bye bye.

And I know that's silly. The camera that is my primary camera (that I really really dig) is this Fuji S700 (which is an absolute STEAL for the price...seriously, if you need a new camera, you should check this out). And it's not really that tough to get the hang of. It just feels like a traditional 35mm camera (which is what I wanted) and not like a stick in your pocket, pull out, point and shoot.

So...I wound up getting one of those little tiny 'holy crap that's small' point and shoot digital cameras yesterday. So I could keep it in the pocket of my jeans for those 'damn, I wish I had a camera right NOW' moments. I'm gonna get used to it, play around with it a bit before the camp, but for the money, it's got a ton of shite packed in there that I may or may not ever use (in fact this camera will probably get rotated to another family member and their camera (also one of my old ones) will get passed down to someone else...blah blah. So...what is this miracle camera you ask? The Panasonic FS3. I'm pretty sure the FS stands for 'Frickin' Small' because this thing is actually smaller than my cell phone when it's all closed up. Circuit City had them for $140 which was well under what I was going to spend for a backup camera. And it's Panasonic (whose cameras I use for my video stuff). I think they got a lot of things right with this camera. I'm not ready to ditch the Fuji just yet, but for a 'throw it in my bag and take it just to have it just in case,' it'll be a good one.

And tomorrow night is my crash-course-jam-cram-session with Ian and Darrin. I'm not sure how much I'll actually pick up or retain, but it will still be fun to jam with those guys. I haven't jammed with Darrin in months and its probably been a good couple of years since Ian and I have played. Not saying will form a 3-piece or anything, but I'm still looking forward to playing with those guys. They're probably the 2 guys I most enjoy jamming with (where I actually feel like (a)I learn something from them most every time and (b)I usually feel like I can get in the groove and sit in the pocket when we jam). So, it should be really good. I miss jamming. I need to get Jen up and running on the Yamaha 4-track (which is going on 15yrs old and still running strong, as long as they still make cassette tapes) and maybe she'll let the old man jam with her..and then of course Tommy wants me to be a camp counselor at the church camp he goes to with his dad. He said I could 'help teach band stuff.'

It's funny to me. In the back of my mind from..oh..probably about the time I first met Ian...I had thought about being a 'rock star' (whatever the hell that means when you're 12). And then I wound up switching over to making movies and doing my composing visually.

And the irony, as Ian points out, is that now that I've moved away from music...all these things are happening that are music related.

It's kind of like God's saying 'OK man....I know you really wanted to do this...and I know you want to still make movies, too. So, how about this...I'll put you in a situation where you can do both. Sound good? Good. Don't f--- it up' (Ok, God probably wouldn't drop the f-bomb, but I do think he'd be fairly hip in this conversation).

I'd have to say overall, as I'm going through this grocery list of sh*t that's happening in my life right now and it's very exciting and I'm feeling pretty blessed. And at this point I'm just planning on hanging on and enjoying the ride!

And I'm gonna apologize in advance if these posts start getting saccharine or annoying, but I figure if I don't journal them somewhere/somehow, I won't remember some of the feelings I was experiencing at the time (as they get replaced with the feelings and emotions of the moment).


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