Face the Face

Hey-A big shout out to all my new Facebook friends (many of whom were good friends in real life at one point along the journey or another). It's weird how things transpired and how I got connected with them (you) again.

I'd been avoiding the Facebook thing for a long time...well, not so much avoiding it as just not thinking about it all. And then at work, with Fantasy Football, we were going to switch over to the Facebook Fantasy Football (since it was free and Fanball wasn't), so I made an account. And then I started seeing all these people I knew...and it was like...'sh*t...I haven't talked to these people in years...this is WAY better than an overpriced rubber chicken dinner at some high-school reunion.

So, that was kinda cool.

It's also kinda creepy that my boss has a facebook profile. Not sure why it would be. But it kinda gives me the heebies. So, boss, if you're reading this-it's nothing personal, just that I don't picture you as the surfing online kind of guy.

In other news, it's only 3 days to go until the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp. So far I've got 2 friends that are confirmed for coming to see us at the LA show (And maybe two more, dunno yet). I can't believe it. I need to make sure my video stuff is in working order...oh, and I should probably make sure my sh*t is in order at work before I'm gone for 7 days, because I can assure you that I will NOT be checking my emails from the road..that's for daangsure.

Speaking of work, I ought to get back to it.

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