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Less than 48

Less than 48 hours to go. I've been rockin' on the new Les Paul for about a week. And I'm 98% sure I'm gonna take it to the camp with me. I checked with the Airlines and it counts as a carry-on.

So, I'm home for almost 2 hours (I'd even eaten dinner for crappsakes) when I noticed a large UPS envelope by the door. (I can't believe I didn't see it earlier).

I thought I knew what it was...and it was.

I opened it and marveled at the beauty that was the $500 gift card from Guitar Center. The last and final piece of my prize puzzle.

Gee. I hope the spelled my name right on the envel0...oh.

Well, that's OK. I'm sure they got it right on the Card Envelo...oh.

Well, at least they got it right on the UPS label. And I guess that's what really counts, huh?

(Yeah, given the nature of the detail that went in to the package, I did call and verify that they actually remembered to put the money on the card (they did).

So, it was about 7:30 by this time. Guitar Center closed at 9. And there was no way I was going to wait. So out the door I went.

And I got there....and there wasn't jack crap I wanted to buy. All the way up to getting the card I was doing the math in my head...ohh, I'll get an acoustic bass....or a guitar effects kit...or an acoustic electric guitar...or a Korg Microkorg.

All this stuff. And the math worked out (I figured that I'd probably need to kick in $30 or 40 in sales tax). And then I got there. Walked all the way around the store...and nada.

Getting a new electric was a moot point after the one I won. I didn't need an amp (I really like the Vox I have). I kinda sorta hate playing bass. Well, not hate exactly, but dislike it enough to spend money on a bass. And I didn't see any point in buying a new synth when I have a Roland em-10 that's not doing anything right now.


I wound up getting the (ever so exciting) 3-guitar stand, another acoustic stand, a big mega package of picks (fender mediums, my pick of choice), a new harmonica, a Led Zeppelin CD and a new capo. And I still have $300+ left on the card. So. I'm thinking that there's Christmas and what not. Or a nice little 'strings and other consumables' card that will last a while.

And in less than 48 hours from now, I'll be in Phoenix. And this whole amazing tale will be out of the intro-phase and in to the meat of the story.


Darrin said…
Rock n Roll!!!

I can see where you're coming from with the Guitar Center card as well. I have no idea what I would buy in there. My drums have been packed for nearly a year. The electric guitar hadn't been played for at least 2 years before the rock n roll rescue session. The accoustic I play about once a month and love it to death so there's no need for another one. i have a guitar amp and a bass amp which hardly ever get used. i honestly don't know what i'd buy either.

Have fun on your trip, bro. Just go with the flow. Slow and low, that is the tempo. You're there to have fun, not to get all uptight when some dude goes all Yngwie during camp... know whut i mean?

Just go out there soak it all in, remember what you can. Don't be a Darrin and watch the only cycle of Old Faithful that you've ever seen only through the viewfinder of a camera.... unless of course, that's how you want to remember it... which in your case is actually possible. :-)

Todd S. said…
Yeah. It's nutty.

I am THIS close to not taking the video camera (but I'm sure I'd regret that later). But I just don't want to get TOO caught up in filming that I forget to 'be' there.

Because THAT is a very real possibility for me (I've been known to do that before). :-)
Ian Stewart said…
effin' right on, man!

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