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Ready To Rock?

OK. So, there's this part of me that was thinking that since I was a contest winner that somehow I was 'forced' on to the Rock Camp folks and they were just 'tolerating' me or whatever. Now, granted, there was no indication in any of the conversations (both phonal and email) that I'd had with Zak at RRFC that would lead me to think that. But, you know, I guess I was trying to find the 'catch' in this whole deal. And if they didn't really want me there...well that would be a huge catch. Oh-don't get me wrong...I'd still rock out and have fun and rock out with out and whatnot...but I'd be mopey about it at some point.

And what in the holy hell brought this on, you might ask? A mother'effin' guitar case and t-shirt.

How stupid is that?

Well, yeah. It's stupid now, but you have to understand that way my mind works (sometimes, not as much anymore, but there's still backsliding occassionally), I got the Epiphone Slash Les Paul (and rocks out...HARD)...and it came with the standard Les Paul hardshell case and not the Slash signature case that's shown on the GuitarCenter website. So...while it is the single greatest guitar I have ever owned...I was like...WTF? But, seriously, only for a second..because to be completely honest, I like the case it came in a LOT better...and it makes the whole thing slightly less conspicuous.

So there's that. And then today I was trying to get things squared up so my LA peeps (all 2 of them) could come out to the show and see us rockin' the House of Blues. So, I emailed Zak axin' about tix and shirts. And he said I'd need to hook up in Phoenix with the Phoenix connection for the guest list/tix and that shirts weren't part of the LiveNation Grand Prize.

So..again...I'm like...oh. OK. And there's a tinge of disappointment.

But I read through the email correspondence and realized that I could come off sounding like a majorly spoiled brat douchebag (just like I am in the post, it's ok you can stop screaming at your screen now). And it's not like that at's about me needing to compartmentalize this whole thing so my head doesn't explode. I mean part of me is really looking forward to the whole unknown aspect of it...and part of me is about crapping my pants right now.

BUT....ALL of me is really freakin' stoked to be able to partake in ANY of this event at all...for even a minute, let alone for 5 days.

So...I had Zak's number from when he called to register me (oh, and it's on every one of his emails that he sent me) so I was calling him to apologize for coming off like a douchebag and trying to tell them how grateful I was for the whole experience (especially after reading Fishof's interview talking about the guy whos mom had cancer rocking out with the cancer patient who was there from about humbling).

And Zak was on the other line, so I got Samantha (at least I hope that's her name. I was on my cell...and I was still freaking out and she said if you have any problems ask for Samantha-so I'm really hoping that was her and not some other RRFC person named Samantha that I'm supposed to ask for instead of bugging her :-))...and talked to her and basically apologized for coming off like a tool. And I have to say....the conversation with her totally dissipated any and all fears and doubts that I might have had about being 'forced' on them like your little brother on a trip to the mall with your friends. I got the feeling that she was genuinely excited for they were all pulling for the 'average joe' that would never get to rock out at something like this if he didnt' win a 16,000 to 1 grand prize.

So...Samantha and Zak...thank you very much. I am SO excited to rock out that I really can't even think straight right now.'s another kick to the head...I was just gushing by this point about how stoked I was blah blah..and she told me that they were all excited and they loved the blog. Holy crap! It was a pretty cool moment.

And then I asked if I should bring my guitar (the won one) out there for the camp. And she, being a bass player, said she really wouldn't want to play with another's bass unless a string broke or something. Which I totally get. I mean, I'm pretty all the way into this axe and I've only had it a little over a week. I just have to be honest, I'm nervous as frick to travel with it all the way across the country. That's all. But another friend at work said that "they'd" probably want me to bring out the prize (not sure why-press release-dart board picture?? dunno). So, I really want to rock out on stage with it ...but by the same token I am a teensy bit nervous.

It's counted as a carry on (my wayward son), so I'm sure it will be a last minute decision.

But to date this has just been a blessing...the people I've already interacted with (and I'm not even there yet), and it's been a good exercise in just allowing good things to happen without looking up waiting for the other shoe to fall. And the good news there is, I'll be looking down at the neck of my guitar the whole time, so I don't think I'd even see the shoe :-)

Holy crap. 3 Days.

I would say that the adventure begins in 3Days, but duuuuuude. It began 3 weeks ago.


Alright I'm done.

For now.


Ian Stewart said…
the situation sounds kind of similar to when Devilcake played at Polaris, it was like this gift of a gig that came from out of nowhere, everyone behind the scenes treated us like pros and we had a lot of fun, even if we only played for like 15 minutes or whatever. it was just this stroke of luck that we were even able to be on the bill in the first place, largely due to your obvious mastery of winning contests. :)

& the little details didn't really matter as much in the scheme of things. the words 'gift' and 'horse' come to mind. it was just like...we got to play on one of the biggest stages of our lives up to that point, which we probably weren't even ready for, we probably didn't deserve the gig as much as many other bands, but you rolled the dice & it paid off for us all.
Todd S. said…
Exactly :-) It got the point for me where it was like...'ok...where can we get in and play?' That shit was fun. I really need to track down that tape.

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