Rock And Roll (Emergency) #2

UPDATE...it's now 2 days after the Rock Emergency and I'm happy to report that I have retained Back in Black, Paranoid, and Tush. I haven't gone through any of the others yet. Just the simple fact that I remember them at all is cause to rejoice. And by rejoice I mean fold my laundry and get my ass to bed for a full day of work tomorrow.

Oh...and in other news...turns out that time really DOES heal wounds. How about that sh*t? I'm happy to say that some baggage got lost and I'm no longer looking for it. Shits done and gone. Time to buy a couple new t-shirts, flip-flops, cargo shorts and get on with the rockin' w/my bros.

It's a really good frickin' place to be, I can tell you that much.

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Ian Stewart said...

dude, right on.

& I'm not sure I even retained any of the rock & roll emergency cram session!

Darrin, however, will probably still be playing "Paranoid" the next time we see him.


that sh1t was awesome, Darrin, a non-guitarist, turning out classic rock songs on the couch. Not just getting by but actually rocking the songs! It certainly makes ya think. Well, it does me.

& it was a very sweet/rad/bizarre moment to have our 3 little practice amps lined up across the room, the proverbial 6 watt onslaught, after we haven't all played together in a very long time. & I haven't played guitar at all in several months, so it's always good to have a reason to break out the Jaguar.


& awesome job, Todd, learning the stuff so quickly too!

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