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State Fair A Go Go

It's been quite some time since I've done a post that had a lot of pictures with my humorous comments abounding.

In fact, the last one was the last day that the Thrift Store let me take pix before the new manager came over and started getting up in my face about pictures. Since then, it has really gone down hill. One of the highlights used to be the Half Price (last) Wednesday (of every month) where each article of clothing was 1/2 off it's ticketed price. It seems that the event turned in to quite the money maker for the owner of the Thrift Stores. So, he invested more money in to the fixtures, posters, etc and of course marked up all of the prices. Now, 1/2 price Weds winds up being what we would consider 'normal thrift store' prices.

So, in short, it turned sucky. And that saddens me.

But fear not loyal reader(s)...I indeed have pictures of something that gladdens me.

The Indiana State Fair.

That's right. We went to Indy this past weekend and hooked up with friends and family for a little something I like to call 'if it's fried or on a stick, we eat it' day. And that's pretty much what we did.

Here are some pix.

Indy State Fair '08

(sorry for the link, but I'm too lazy to upload 80+ pix)

The shots that comprise the 'up-nose' gallery are how I'd like to imagine the world looks to ...oh...say some young'un in a stroller.


Whoa...I can't believe I almost left off the best part...the list of conquests for the day. Here's the breakdown and order of items consumed.

  • Cheezy Beef on a Stick
  • Corn Dog
  • Sati Babi (pork on a stick)
  • Roasted Corn (with its own stick)
  • Mozzerella Fingers
  • Deep Fried Twinkie
  • Pizza Slice
I'm sure there's something I'm forgetting but that seems to be what I remember eating. There was an orange whip and a couple of bottles of water in there, not to mention the piece of taffy from the kind lady on the way out to the car.


Darrin said…
It's amazing some of the things that travel to fairs. I have to admit, that u-m8k-it slushy factory thing looks awesome on the midway. I was even tempted to get one at the Ohoi State Fair when I saw this kid making a 'suicide'.

I shoulda got me some roasted corn but we were running out of funds and still needed to get a funnel cake.

I didn't think much of the deep fried twinkie the one time i had it. Soaked up too much oil or something. I dunno.

But you didn't have the deep fried sauerkraut balls? Those sound TASTY! Actualy, I've had some from Pizza Pan and they were indeed tasty. But I'm sure they pale in comparison to FAIR sauerkraut balls.
Todd S. said…
I had a slushie from the slushie station like that (Can't remember for the life of me where we were) was good. But it went fast (and of course it was a suicide) :-)

And dude...i don't rock saurkraut in any form, although, fried is the most likely candidate :-)
Ian Stewart said…
duuuuuude. you guys are a pair of sauerkraut balls.

Orange Whip? Orange Whip? Three Orange Whips.

- John Candy, Blues Brothers

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