this is SO not Rock and Roll

OK. So...day before Rock and Roll Fantasy camp departure time.
What's the worst of all scenarios that could happen? Fever? Nausea?Aches? Coughing? Extreme Fatigue?

Oh no...not any of those...but ALL of those.

I got home from work last night and I should have been pumped as sh*t for RRFC (is there really a need to put a link to it at this point?). But ladies and gents...I was wiped. Like the ass that got kicked. So I napped. From 6PM-9PM I napped. Then I tried to work on my Dad's website which I promised to have done before I left and was so out of it that I couldn't come up with crap. So I scrapped that. I called the two people I was supposed to have breakfast and lunch with before I left today and told them I was out for the count.

Then, for some reason, I was thinking it might be good to eat. And I had my heart set on Arbys. Let me just say, when you're stomach tentatively agrees to let some roast beef pass, you do not violate that trust by sending McDonald's its way. It's a bad move. And my stomach let me know so.

So, I dosed up on some excedrin and went to bed. Made my wife promise she'd wake me up before she go-go (I still had to get that website done and update my co-workers on my support cases before I fecked off to rock stardom, albeit temporary). I woke up feeling only slightly better than the night before. I took a hot shower...(wrapped a hot towel around my head)..and then tried to do some work. I got through it. And I only recently (read:29 minutes ago) got Dad's website done. I also manged to hit Kohls for the awesomest messenger bag ever to take with me...and then K-Rogers for some dayquil, snacks, and a few extra bottles of 5-hour energy drink (I am taking NO chances on not being able to rock out).

I just got my shite packed up in the bag I'm checking (still need to pack the carry-on). And I reached a decision that might shock some of you (unless you REALLY know me, and then it makes perfect sense).

I am NOT taking my video camera(s) or tapes. That's right. Yes, I know that making movies is sorta my thing now...but this trip is about rocking out, not making movies. And if I'm always focused (read:obsessed) on what shot I'm getting and what kind of footage I'm getting, I'm gonna MISS this thing, man. Like seriously miss the whole 'vibe' of the thing.

And I'm not gonna do that.

I need to learn to step back and 'be' in the moment when shite like this happens. And to that end, I'm leaving the video cameras at home. I'm taking plenty of blank paper, plenty of memory cards, plenty of sharpies and my Slashie Epi.

And I'm gonna rock the hell out of this camp (inasmuch as an overweight man of 36 can rock the hell out of anything).

And that's the poop for today. Now I need to make sure I've got everything packed...go cut my hair (not bald..just really close and fuzzy).

Peace out. When I next update, I'll prolly be in Phoenix!!

(PS:Found out my Vegas Counselor is Gilby, we're gonna be best buds by the time this thing's over!)

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Darrin said...

Rock on dude. I'm sure you're just getting the nerves. The body has a weird way of making you settle down. I'm sure this is it's way of telling you to settle down. Or something.

I think you said that the little pocket camera does lil movies as well (which I assume you are taking, cause otherwise, then you're just being silly).

Dude. Have fun! Big time! And keep us posted (but not so posted that you're missing out on seeing out on all the good stories ;-) ).

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