Where Did That Lamp Go??

OK...something very weird is going on. I'm beginning to wonder if Karma ever gives you an advance on the good stuff you're supposed to do.

First there was the whole Frampton concert thing. True, it wasn't free...but I did get a backstage pass...and I did get the thrill of one of seeing one of my guitar heroes live on stage (the 20min. jam that was 'Do You Feel Like We Do' was well worth the price of admission).

Then there was my 1 in 16,000 longshot of winning the grand prize for the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp (you're gonna get sick of hearing about it by the end of the summer, so I'm not going to belabor the point now).

But today I found out that the missus got selected for Opera Columbus.

So now I'm definitely trying to figure out what Karma has up its sleeve. Although Nancy totally deserves this.

She had auditioned about a month ago and was worried that she might not still have the chops...but she does. And she rocked it. And I couldn't be prouder of her.

I'm not so much a huge opera nut, but you can bet your a$$ that I'll be there front and center (or as close to front and center as my wallet will allow) on each of the 3 opening nights.

(I don't have any more details than that, but will be sure you keep y'all updated...esp. my Columbus peeps).


Darrin said...

Op on! WTG Nancy!

fuquinay said...

Good things come in threes?

Hey, never ask for whom the universe extols. It extols for thee, right here, right now. That's what counts. Revel in it.

(Because you never know when that other shoe will drop, as my mom says.)

Please let me know about your camp experience—or send me a blog link when it's up—in case I forget to be in touch.

Ian Stewart said...

Go Nancy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me know when the shows is, that would be sweet.

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