I got the power!

Alright, I'm not even gonna lie. When I saw Darrin's post about 'getting the power', I full on thought he was talking about Snap. Which is why I was a little confused about the Lizzy Bordon reference. Further confusion arose when I actually watched the video. I felt a little duped. Like you're expecting some hot all chick band. Not fun.

So, anyway. We got our power back, and to celebrate, I'll give you the video that I actually thought Darrin referenced (why he would reference an old-school hip hop joint is anyone's guess, but I had hope anyway).

Luckily, my boss' jinxing aside, power stayed on (and was on when we left the house this morning. I got a GREAT night's sleep thanks to actually being able to use my CPAP machine, and Jen was happy about being able use her flat iron for picture day today (and she actually wore a dress!).

So, anywhoo...back to work. Tomorrow's gonna be a busy day. Meeting at the church in the morning, chainsaw party, grocery shopping, and quite probably beers and fire pit in the evening. All in all, a full Saturday planned (or not planned, as it were).

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