Not sure pink eye is what I meant by rose-colored glasses

Alright...so, according to WebMD (my defacto dr. during non-office hours), there are 5 different kinds of pink-eye (or conjuctivitis): Viral, Bacterial, Allergic, Trauma-induced, Chlamydia-related.

The first two, at some point tend to spread to both eyes. Viral is the only one that Meds help (and usually has a goopy green discharge).

So, yeah, starting Friday, my left eye was looking fierce. Was it pink-eye? No. Couldn't be. I'd been rubbing my eye. I'm sure that was it. (I don't know why, but I friggin' HATE the thought of having pink eye).

I dealt with it Friday. By Saturday it looked bad (and my eyelid was crusted shut when I woke up). I opened it up with much coaxing from a warsh cloth. And then we headed off to Tommy's soccer game.

I called the doc first....she said they can't prescribe for pink eye over the phone anymore (bastards) so she suggested I go to an Urgent Care (at $75 for co-pay-no thanks).

So, I dealt with it. We had lunch after the game (Tommy's team won, he had a goal, there was much rejoicing-yay). And then back home.

I got some eyedrops and allergy meds later. And both REALLY seemed to help. So I'm thinking the version of the pink I have is either allergic or trauma (there's some scratch around my eye that I have NO IDEA how it got there).

So that's the plan for a while....eyedrops, washcloth, Zyrtec.

Life's good.

In other news, the studio is almost ready to roll again. And I think I'm gonna go back and start working on "Lardass."

I'm a bit heavy. And since I'm not likely to get Bill Murry as my platoon leader, the army's out. Plus there's that whole 'war' thing going on.

So, my thought was to start a movie project based on my journey in losing weight. And by losing weight, I mean getting back to a healthy weight that's not going to negate the heart surgery they did 11 years ago.

I figured if I was doing it as a documentary, I'd be more likely to stick with it. I could do the whole 'reality series' closet-cam testimonials. I'm not sure. It's still in the video journal stages right now (and by video journal I mean, that's what it WOULD be if I was actually filming anything).

I am mostly recovered from the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp and I'm finding that I really just don't want to talk about it anymore. It was awesome, there is no denying that there were some really amazing moments, but I can't get 'stuck' on the moments. One of the things I have issues with is letting stuff go. Not just the bad stuff, but I'm finding that it's also a problem to get stuck on the 'good stuff' too.

I read somewhere that 'The Devil lives in the Past and the Future. God lives in the Now' and to me that's been particularly true.

My daily prayer is to be able to live my life to my fullest potential in the now. The past is gone. And the future's not promised. Doesn't mean I can't remember the past fondly (or not at all), just means I have to let it go.

Interesting how the keys to happiness seem so simple, but it's sometimes so damn hard to put the key in the lock and open the door.

I blame the pink-eye.

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