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RRFC: Was it Worth It?

So, I've been home now for 5 days. I've gotten a lot of 'What was the best part?" and "Was it worth it?" and those kinds of questions. Along with the "If you had $10,000 of your own money, would you do it again?"
And I thought I'd address those questions in a little post I'd like to call "Was it Worth It?"
First off...the 'best' part.
There was no single one best part. There were many moments where I realized what a blessing the whole thing was. Some high points (in no particular order):
  • 8min. Freeform blues jam in Phoenix with Gilby Clarke, Dave Ellefson, Nathan, and Mike, and me on Harmonica (I have video of this)
  • Getting plugged in by the guitar techs (thanks Talo and Keenan!) whilst getting ready to rock (in 4 different cities)
  • Experiencing Kip Winger playing 'Communication Breakdown" (he really pulled it off!...I have some video of this, too)
  • Seeing Glenn Hughes (And the rest of the RockGod Counselors) performing "Smoke on the Water" (I have a few seconds of this)
  • Playing "Sweet Child O Mine" with Gilby Clarke
  • Playing the Joint in Vegas (Hard Rock)
  • Elliot Easton's Master Class
  • Chris Slade's Master Class
  • Mark Hudson's Master Class
  • Being interviewed for a talk radio show (don't know if it ever made it to air or not)
  • Playing the Fillmore to a sold out crowd
  • Listening to Mark Slaughter and Mark Hudson swap Ozzy stories
  • Playing the House of Blues in LA (again, Sold Out, from what they tell us)
  • ALMOST being interviewed for local (LA) media
  • Meeting David Fishof
There are more I'm missing, I'm sure. And I know that I've put other 'great' moments in the posts by city. That list was just the top of what came immediately to mind.
And now, the $64,000 question. Was it 'worth' it?
Yes, but to put it in to perspective...I know I won the contest and all, but it wasn't completely free. I'm out of pocket for about $200 for the overall trip (which we didn't really plan on when I got into the whole thing). And which, should have been covered by the Per Diem that was part of the prize package, but due to some kind of clerical error, I didn't get that (although, I'm assured that it will be addressed-no at THAT point, it will have been essentially "free"). Not to mention that I'll be paying taxes on the total 'value' of the prize come April of 2009. And that might come close to 1/2 of what the normal Platinum Tour pack cost, anyway (I'm kind of playing a "wait and see" on that whole thing).
"Yes, but Todd,answer the question-if you had $10,000 lying around, would you do it again?"
If you had asked me before the whole contest/trip/RRFC experience if I would spend $10,000 on something like the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp, I would have easily said that I could think of better ways to spend the money...and sure, it might be cool, but it really wasn't my thing.
However, after having gone through it, I can definitely say that if I had an extra $10,000 lying around that 'hell yeah' I'd do this again in a heartbeat. In fact, if I had an extra $10,000 lying around, what I'd probably do is find one of the One-Day Camps that was close to home and get the whole family involved. I know that the experience would be phenomenal for Tommy and Jen. And as for Nancy, I'm certain she could blow the doors off of whatever song they asked her to sing. It would be an INCREDIBLE family trip. And maybe, if they're still doing this thing in another 10 years (when I'll be able to afford it on my own, without the contest), we can plan on it.
I know that wasn't a very interesting dirt dishing, but yeah...if I had the money-I'd do it again in a heartbeat. And I'd love to get the whole family involved.
I could take or leave the whole 'tour bus' part of it, but the actual camps themselves were amazing.
If you have the means, I highly recommend it.
And stay tuned for the upcoming video 'essay' "How I Spent My Summer Vacation"


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