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It just occurred to me (for some unknown reason, these fits of randomness hit me in the early afternoons).
Can you ever have too many guitars? Probably.
In our house, there are 4 electric guitars, 1 bass guitar, and 3 accoustic guitars (split between my daughter and I).
EIGHT. (And with Christmas coming up, it may be 9 or 10 by 2009)
Eight guitars? When did this happen?  To be honest, I'm not really sure. I'm not saying it's good or bad. It's just one of those things that caught me off guard. Of the 8, only one has any real 'value' but a couple of them were 'firsts' (Jen's first accoustic, my first accoustic, Jen's first electric, my first electric to be worth more than the trade in value on my car...that kind of thing).
I need a couple more amps now, I guess. I definitely need to track down a practice bass amp. Jen's picking up on that and wanting to play it more.
I'm closer to setting up my 1/2 of the garage as the music jam space. I figure by next summer, I'll have one of those shatty little PA's (like I used to bring to DC practice), a bass amp, another guitar amp, perhaps a stripped down drum kit. The Roland and the Hammond will be out there.  A fan for the summer and heater for the winter (I'll keep the guitars in the house unless they're being played).
Of course all of this is somewhat in the realm of day-dreaming right now. Who knows what will actually transpire in the next 12 months.
I'm pretty sure that I'm gonna start taking guitar lessons, though.
Seems silly to have all of this gear and play the same 9 songs I've been playing since college.
This concludes the random brainburst for the day.


Darrin said…
man... you are on a tear lately. i can't even keep up with the comments. sheesh!

1) Sorry that you lost your power again.. but yay that it came back on fairly quickly.

2) Yeah... that would be kinda cool for you to win the London thang? But the logistics would kinda suck. But it'd prolly be worth it.

3) Oh Kettle Chips! Don't you just hate having to call out your own faults? Man... I hate it when that happens. Stupid humility or whatever that feeling is called

4) Yeah... Se7en was a freakin' creepy movie. It would be amusing for Windows Se7evn to come with this little head that you put in water and then it gets bigger... and maybe a little more oozy.

5) Eight??? Dang! When DID that happen. Well, you just rock on wit your bad self... and those 8 guitars. :)
Todd S. said…
LOL.Sorry about that.
Yeah. I'm positive the outage was construction related this time.

And yes, London would be cool. The logistics would be the point where I would probably have a minor breakdown trying to decide if it was really worth. The odds are astronomical, though, so I'm holding off on said breakdown for the time being :-)

This fault was one that I've actually been working on in myself, so at least it wasn't TOTALLY hypocritical of my to point it out and discuss it.

And yeah...8. I have 3 electrics, 1 acoustic and the bass. Jen has 2 acoustics and 1 electric. It's frickin' crazy. But...the bright side is...the only thing people will have to bring with them is their amps when they come over to jam :-)

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