Thanks, Zak!

I just got word from Zak at the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp HQ. I still don't know what happened with the per diem (clerical oversight is my guess), but no matter.

They're gonna take care of it. So now I'm gonna wind up getting the Live Concert DVDs from each of the 4 cities I played at on the Rock Camp Tour (Phoenix, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and L.A.).

To me this re-emphasizes the human element of the Rock Camp crew. Sure, I'm not your typical camper (in a lot of ways), and sure I won the contest. But instead of being pissy about it, they found a way to reach that middle ground that makes everyone happy.

I just hope Zak sends me word if there's a stack of stuff I was supposed to get on the tour that's just sitting in a pile with my name on it (I'm sure there's not, but maybe they can see their way to throwing in a few of the Rock Camp guitar picks in the box with the DVDs :-)

David, if you're keeping score, your crew did it again.

Rock on!


Darrin said...

Coooooool. So are the DVDs of the entire evening, including you playing in your camp bands? If so, that is totally bad-ass!

Todd S. said...

I'm not sure. I was told they were a 'live concert DVD.' So...either it's just the camp bands playing at the venue (which would be cool enough)...but they were going around with cameras all day at each of the camps (but that could've been for the reality series they were filming, too).

We'll know in 6-8 weeks :-)

And then we'll have to have a viewing party!

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