A Veritable Windfall

So, we're going on the 4th day without power. Only a brief respite on Monday (from 3PM-6PM) until the transformer blew again. I wasn't home, but Nancy heard it pop. Funny thing is, it only affected half of the court. It prompted another one of my neighbors to go out and get a generator. I've seriously thought about it. $500 is a lot of money to plop down. For what...so we can watch TV, and dry our hair? No, I know that's oversimplifying it. It would also keep our refridgerator/freezer going. Luckily the fridge was fairly sparse (we were going to go to the store Sunday night (at least that was the plan before the wind came in)). And the main thing in the freezer was venison and lean cuisine meals. I think the venison was several years old (and not sure it was good to eat anyway). So, we got away fairly lucky, I'd say. Here is a link to some additional pix taken on Sunday and Monday.


Here's hoping that the power comes on soon :-)

*UPDATE* According to the AEP Restoration Map, our power should be back tomorrow or Friday. Which is good news not just for me, but for my family and co-workers (who aren't used to seeing the 'not getting good sleep' Todd....who is quite nearly as priggish as the 'gone too long without eating' Todd).

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