Weirdness in the Universe

So, tonight I'm jamming on the guitar for the first time in a few days, playing around with the Line 6 Floorpod (btw, preset 28 NAILS 'Paranoid') and Tommy comes downstairs. He grabs the Epi, LP Jr and after a bit o'tuning, starts playing along.

It turns in to a session of me teaching him the right way to play "Stairway to Heaven", and starting to show him "Dust in the Wind" and it was cool.

and then...like 2 hours later, I start playing the "A Groove" (remember that one Darrin?) and Tommy seemed surprised that I wrote it (like 15 years ago it seems) and wanted me to teach it to him (and thanks to the Line6, I could go into the Flanger at precisely the right moment). So I showed it to him.

And then he started noodling around on his own playing a chord progression that was eerily familiar. I looked at him and asked him what song it was. He said it was just something he made up. I told him that I wrote a song called 'You Might Think' (like forever ago) and if he promised not to laugh at my vocals I'd play it. He did (promise, that is). I played it and actually surprised myself at how not-completely-sucky the vocals wound up being. Even Tommy was surprised that it was me singing (guess the old man's still got it (whatever THAT may be), huh?).

After that it went down hill as we marveled at John Bonham's playing on the 'Song Remains the Same' album.

But it's fun to have music (other than Guitar Hero and RockBand) being played in the house. Tommy wants to write a song with me and Jen and record it. He's turning 13 in October. And that's probably when the 'making music' bug hit me. Jen already has it.

And with the inexpensive bass I got from a co-worker ($30 for a Silvertone), the only thing we're missing is a drum kit (guess i'll have to play synth drums for now). I'm thinking that my half of the garage may just become the band space. We'll have to see how it all shakes down. I'm looking forward to my next kid free weekend. I think a 24hr. album might be in the works. And who knows, the next kidless weekend after THAT we could do the 48 movie!

Crazy talk.

Time for nyquil and beddy-bye. The boy's got a game in the morning that I need to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for.

Peace out.

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