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What I'm doing right NOW

Well, I can't actually tell you what I'm doing right now, because it's work related and due to non-disclosure, blah blah blah.

I DID watch the full version of the Seinfeld/Bill Gates commercial..and I have to say-those guys need to make a sit-com. Seriously. It was a GREAT way to start my morning. It's my new favorite show. Ian brought this up, but how sad is it to watch TV for the commercials? Very sad. Because the commercials have a higher production value, better acting and better writing than the shows that they interrupt. My other favorite series of commercials is the Geico ones where they have the celebrity spokespeople. It all came full circle at the Peter Frampton concert this summer when, during 'Do You Feel Like I Do?' he said (through the talk-box) "Do you have Geico insurance?.....I Don't......woobee woobee boo weebooo It wasn't part of the deal" Good times. Good times.

Spent a good hour last night working on "Still A Dream" for the upcoming Dream Conference. They want me to play guitar..and it's really my first time in a looooooong time of trying to figure a song out all on my own (no tab or chords to be found) and I'm very happy to say that I think I have the basic chord structure down and I can focus on the fiddly bits after a few more practice sessions. One thing that was WAY cool was the fact that I was able to use the Line 6. It has a jack to plug in your MP3 player or other audio source and then if you plug the headphones in, you're suddenly playing along with the song. It made it MUCH easier to hear what was going on and get close to figuring out the song. Also, it looks like it's going to be big-boy chords (so I definitely need to practice those)*.

My half of the garage is also on it's way to becoming a practice space thanks to Freecycle and to the garbage man. This weekend should see the rest of it cleaned up. I might even tackle the chud hole (storage area under the stairs) and try to organize some of the albums. We'll see.

I'm pretty sure sleeping in is on the list somewhere.

I need to start writing again. Sean and I are going to start working on the film/TV Pilot about the agoraphobic tech-support rep that may or may not be a spy. (When we talk about it, it sounds much funnier than it sounded just then, and nothing at all like Chuck).

I'm not a very good finisher, I've decided. I'm really good at starting things, getting people revved up about them and then, not seeing them through to fruition.

I probably need to work on th

*Big Boy Chords are barre chords and stuff that's not just the basic beach blanket bingo strum and hum chords that we all learn when we're starting to play.


Darrin said…
"I probably need to work on th"

Heh heh .... funny stuff!

And I have to admit, there are times when I enjoy the commercials more than the shows I am watching. Like the "roll over minutes" commercial where the guy spills milk on his minutes and then he throws them away. His final line cracks me up everytime. You can ask my wife. Every time.

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