Beef and Noodles tonight.

I LOVE Beef-n-Noodles night. Whomever invented the CrockPot is getting HIGH praises from me right about now.

(see....I CAN write a post that doesn't involve the Rock and Roll Fantasy camp) :-)

OH! That reminds me-I got the M-Audio AV30 Studio monitors set up last night. They sound SWEET. I still haven't done anything with the mic or the FastTrack USB or the 3 sets o'loops that came with the kit (but since the monitors are $99 by themselves and I got the whole kit for $99 (marked down from the Christmas price of $249 (which was marked down from the MSRP of $549)--GuitarCenter was just trying to get rid of them...which hey-fine by me), to me the rest of that stuff is just gravy at this point). It's nice to finally have some powered reference monitors in the studio...it's almost like the big time! Pretty soon I won't have ANY excuses for not recording songs (either my own, or the kids). Speaking of that- I need to remember to get Ye Old Four-Track set up for Jenyfer. The thing's about 1 year older than her, but I think she's ready to start learning the joys of multi-track recording to a stack of TDK D-90's. And it's a beast of a machine. So, definitely a good starter four-track for her and her band.

Alright, I've fecked off enough. I need to get back to work.

Peace outside.


Darrin said...

Awesome that you got that whole rig for $99. Sweeeeeet!

Todd S. said...

I know,right! It was a complete steal...I walked in with $325 left on the gift card and I got that, the Line6, strings, and some books...and I told the dude..."I have $325 even on this card" and he discounted one of the books so that with tax the whole thing came out to $325 even. I like that place SO much better than Sam Ash even though the selection seems a bit more limited...I don't feel like such a douche when I shop there...ya know?

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